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A Traveler’s Guide to Fort Pierce, Florida

A Traveler’s Guide to Fort Pierce, Florida

Welcome to Fort Pierce, an unassuming treasure on Florida’s sun-kissed Atlantic coast. If you’re craving adventure with a side of the unexpected, or perhaps just a peaceful corner in nature’s lap, you’ve come to the right place. Through my own explorations, I’m thrilled to share this travel guide to Fort Pierce, Florida, to highlight the local highlights that make your visit worthwhile.


Dubbed Sunrise City, Fort Pierce is a slice of historic beauty sandwiched delightfully between Vero Beach and West Palm Beach. It’s where world-class fishing meets quaint shops, where the echoes of a landmark theater are drowned out only by the medley of laughter and conversation at local eateries.


Beaches and Parks to Write Home About

Imagine sprawling, untouched coastlines where the rhythm of the waves speaks to your soul. That’s what you’ll find here. Avalon State Park is a haven with powdery sands and azure waves that invite you for a swim or snorkel. It’s a nature-lovers playground with trails and those adorable turtle nests (look but don’t touch!).


Then, there’s Fort Pierce Inlet State Park, a swath of paradise spanning over 340 acres where you can surf, snorkel, fish (snook, red drum, trout), or spectate the wildlife. There’s also a half-mile beach access. And yes, you might spot an alligator or bobcat—Florida-style excitement at its finest!


Markets and Farms—Bounties Galore

If you’re like me, making sure your olfactory and taste buds get an adventure, too, the Downtown Fort Pierce Farmers’ Market is a Saturday ritual from 8 AM until noon that you mustn’t miss. Fresh produce, gourmet nibbles, and the jubilant strums of live music—it’s a festival each week!


Nelson Family Farms and Al’s Family Farms are my go-to stops for the freshest citrus, soft-serve, garden finds, and a treasure trove of delicious gourmet foods that will have you needing a cooler to carry it all home.


The Heartbeat of Fort Pierce—Downtown

Stroll along the waterfront, where Indian River Lagoon cuddles the town, and you’ll find the Main Street pulsing with character. The Fort Pierce Marina is a spectacle, with boats and yachts that will ignite your wanderlust.

Little ones in tow? There’s a playground where they can frolic while you nab some photo ops. The library is also convenient to visit.


Rosslow’s—oh, Rosslow’s—is where retail therapy meets hometown charm. And if you’re looking for something unique, the Art Market is a cornucopia of local creativity under one roof.

Manatee Observation and Education Center

The affectionately dubbed ‘sea cows’ await at the Manatee Observation and Education Center, a spot as educational as it is delightful. For a humble dollar, engage with exhibits and films that unravel the world of these gentle giants.

Don’t miss the touch tanks and aquariums – who knows, you might even spot a manatee bobbing along the surface!


Culinary Journeys to Savor

Fort Pierce doesn’t just do food; it celebrates it! From the local catch at 12A Buoy to the heartiness of Taco Dive, the eateries here are a mosaic of the town’s spirit. You’ll find fresh seafood, tiki-style bars, and restaurants echoing with laughter and live music—a symphony to dine to.

Here’s our post sharing a long list of Fort Pierce eateries and what’s good from each.


Summer Crush Vineyard & Winery – Sip & Sway

Have you ever heard of wine slushies? Summer Crush Vineyard & Winery is the spot to kick back, slushie in hand, while bobbing along to fun and lively tunes. Floridians know how to beat the heat, and these weekly music gigs paired with a refreshing drink are the perfect way to unwind.

Trust me, this is a super cute place you won’t want to miss. Bring your own lawn chair.

FYI: If you are an RVer, this is a Harvest Host destination. Membership is required.


A Pint or A Pour – Local Beer and Cider

For brew aficionados, a visit to Sailfish Brewing Company is non-negotiable. From stouts to sours, their craft is on point. Or turn to Pierced Ciderworks for a crisp, artisanal cider.

If you want something less boozy, swing by Al’s Family Farms for a classic Florida orange fix.


Peacock Arts District – A Feathery Splash of Color

Have your camera at the ready as you hit the streets of the Peacock Arts District. Just west of US 1, this neighborhood is alive with vibrant, free-roaming peacocks showing off their iridescent beauty, adding an unexpected splash of color and charm to your day’s exploration.


A Bit of History at Your Feet

For history buffs who like their scenery with a side of stories, Dynamite Point won’t disappoint. Once a training ground for WWII Navy Frogmen, now it’s a panoramic spot for birdwatching.

For those romantic at heart, Frederick Douglass Beach and Memorial Park are perfect for horseback rides along the shore, and they are one of the only places you can do this on Florida’s east coast.

Jetty Park rounds out our park tour with striking shrines and monuments, a testament to love and remembrance, against the backdrop of a mesmerizing pier. You’ll also find changing rooms and benches along the waterfront.


National Navy UDT-SEAL Museum – A Salute to Heroes

Dive into the awe-inspiring Naval Special Warfare archives at the National Navy UDT-SEAL Museum, a place of honor and history. For $16, you can test your agility on the original obstacle course or marvel at the daring exploits of the Navy SEALs.

You’ll find old military boats, SDVs, and “the Shark Tooth Boat” at this museum. Step into a legacy of bravery and take your time—each exhibit tells a powerful story.


The Artistic Soul of Fort Pierce

The town flirts with art; every utility box and every mural sings a hue of stories. Ensure you catch a glimpse of the ‘Greetings from Fort Pierce’ mural—it’s a must for your Instagram.


The A. E. Backus Gallery & Museum is the holy grail for art enthusiasts. It houses the works of the legendary Florida Highwaymen and A. E. Backus, a famous landscape painter himself. Sculptures and murals are more than just adornments; they are stories set in stone and paint.


Fun Fact: Who are the Florida Highwaymen? These world-famous African American artists painted landscape scenes and made their living selling out of their cars.


Heathcote Botanical Gardens

Tucked in this coastal town is a mesmerizing spectacle for nature lovers – Heathcote Botanical Gardens. This enchanting oasis boasts the country’s most extensive tropical bonsai collection.

Although I’ve yet to stroll through these lush grounds, my friends at the Indian River Garden Club can’t stop gushing about its serene beauty.

Sunrise Theatre – A Dazzling Historical Gem

An absolute jewel in the heart of downtown, Sunrise Theatre hosts an array of performers that’ll have your heart singing along. It’s a place where legends like Kenny Rogers and Olivia Newton-John have left the audience spellbound. 

Trust me, snagging a ticket here means you’re in for a memorable night! Upcoming shows include Kevin James, Alan Cumming, The Guess Who, and Girls Night: The Musical.


Fort Pierce — Your Next Getaway

For anyone with a zest for off-the-radar exploration, Fort Pierce is a chapter that deserves to be in your travel story. Easygoing yet adventurous, it promises experiences that’ll keep your wanderlust well-fed.

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