5 Awesome Places To Eat in Carmel, Indiana

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From award-winning pizza to a traditional English tea room, you will find amazing places to eat in Carmel, Indiana sure to please any palate.

Going out for great food is a popular thing to do in Carmel as Taylor and I discovered when roadtripping Indiana. We were blown away by the huge selection of local restaurants. To make the most of your next (or first) visit, we’re sharing five awesome places to eat in Carmel with you.

Carmel, Indiana is a city in Hamilton County North of Indianapolis. It has been recognized as one of the fastest growing communities in the country. The friendly neighborhoods will have you feeling like a local in no time, just as it did for us, and the food scene will delight your taste buds.


1. Tina’s Traditional Old English Kitchen

Enjoy an authentic British meal with a proper afternoon tea at Tina’s Traditional Old English Kitchen. The restaurant was featured in Tea Time Magazine for the May/June 2018 edition of “Tea Places of Indianapolis”.

British fare includes Tina’s grandmother’s green tomato chutney, Victoria sandwich cake, Coronation Chicken, and much more. The high tea service comes with a pot of tea and a three-tiered stand showcasing lovely pastries, tea sandwiches, and desserts.

Tinas traditional tea Carmel

During our visit, we took part in an incredible Easter buffet with a wide array of cheeses (English cheddar, Sage Derby, and Double Gloucester), golden raisin scones, Cornish pastries, and delicate tea sandwiches. I enjoyed both the English fruit garden tea and the 1776 Blend.

I appreciated that Tina’s Traditional Old English Kitchen had big fat brown and white sugar cubes to sweeten the drinks, which were served in mismatched china and glassware. Another noteworthy item was the brew tea timer for your tea which times how long to steep your black (English= 5 minutes) or green (oolong= 3 minutes) teas.


2. Woody’s Library Restaurant

Dinner is delectable at Woody’s Library Restaurant. This cute (and popular) eatery has a full and lively bar downstairs with TV’s and a fun vibe. Upstairs, a low-key but romantic area offers separated sections for dining with bookshelves for privacy. The menu at Woody’s Library Restaurant has Specials of the Day, such as Pork Tenderloin Tuesdays and Dessert Duo Saturdays.

woody's library fondue dish

Suggested entrees as recommended by the waiter included the Bison Meatloaf, Fish & Chips, and Burgers. I chose the French Dipsters: tender shaved prime rib on slider rolls served with au jus and a side of green beans. It was the perfect size and a really good cut of beef. How can you go wrong ordering something with a rich au jus and side of horseradish?

Taylor had the Kettle Chip Grilled Chicken Sandwich (with bacon and cheese), which was served with French fries. A do-not-miss item is the White Cheese Fondue appetizer surrounded by chunks of bread, apple slices, little smoky sausages, grapes, and chunks of broccoli. It was so tasty and I appreciated that they included some veggies for dipping! Our food was so good I would definitely have gone back a second time. 

woody's library rooms and food

3. BoomBozz Tap House

You may have the best pizza of your life at BoomBozz Tap House, a craft pizza and taphouse restaurant. Since I don’t typically like pizza, I will say that BoomBozz quickly changed my mind as I devoured my whole meal! It was epic with the Old World Style thin crust and interesting toppings.

We started our meal with the appetizer meatballs with onions and peppers, served with pita bread. It was really sweet and delicious. For dinner, Taylor chose the classic Margherita pie with fresh mozzarella, plum tomatoes, and a superb tasting pomodoro sauce.

As for me, I preferred the tantalizing Carnitas Libre Pizza with slow-cooked pork, ranchero sauce, caramelized onions and peppers, tomatoes, mozzarella, and asiago cheeses. The pizza came with sides of garlic sour cream and green chili jam. Holy smokes, this was one freaking phenomenal pizza! The dipping sauces really sent it to another dimension.

From the taste of the pizza, it is no wonder that BoomBozz Tap House has been chosen as the winner of Best Gourmet Pizza by the American Pizza Championship and International Pizza Expo Las Vegas. In Vegas,  BoomBozz also won for Best International, Non-Traditional, Vegetarian, and Traditional pizza pies. Genius creations await you at BoomBozz Tap House.

Check out our list of amazing places to eat in Carmel, Indiana including BoomBozz Tap House for the most amazing pizza ever!

4. Rosie’s Place

This local eatery, located minutes away in Noblesville, serves impressive breakfast and lunch options in a warm and welcoming environment. Sweet smells of freshly baked bread and pastries greet you as you walk in the door. (calm down, Carmel, y’all are getting one soon, I hear)

Two things I loved were the Breakfast Quesadilla and the Seasonal Veggie Hash. (eggs, bacon, tomato, green onions) served with potatoes, sour cream and salsa. or the Seasonal Veggie Hash with onions and mushrooms, spinach, potatoes, topped with poached eggs and balsamic drizzle PLUS hollandaise. I cannot even explain how wonderful the combination of that hash was. The runny egg yolks from the poached eggs, mixed with the balsamic drizzle and hollandaise, was enough to curl your toes!

Check out our list of amazing places to eat in Carmel, Indiana.

Rosie’s Place has a huge selection of impressive cakes, pastries, and cookies. Carrot cake, lemon shortbread, macaroons, almond joy scones, and coffee cake are a few of the choices.

Lunch items ranged from salads (Spinach, Cobb, or grilled Salmon), “sammiches” (Turkey Artichoke Melt, Corned Beef Reuben, Chicken Salad), and soups to supreme side items. Rosie’s Place offers both weekend and weekly specials, has a full-service catering business, a kid’s menu, and shopping online for their beloved baked goods. Rosie’s was also our favorite place to eat in Carmel, Indiana. 

Check out our list of amazing places to eat in Carmel, Indiana including Rosie's Place for killer breakfast combinations.

5. Square Donuts

Serving up a multitude of donuts, Square Donuts is a top donut pick in the state of Indiana and a great place for a quick breakfast. Super light and fluffy, these yeast and cake donuts are beautiful to look at and even more fun to sink your teeth into.

I found the icing (particularly strawberry) to be very tasty. Pair these sweet treats with your favorite beverages including coffee, tea, juice, or soda.

Peanut butter and Jelly, Cinnamon, traditional jelly, custard, and cream filled are some of the tempting flavors that await you. Square Dontus is listed on the unofficial Indiana Donut Trail.

Check out our list of amazing places to eat in Carmel, Indiana including Square Donuts for, you guessed it, amazing donuts.

Feeling the Love for Carmel, Indiana

Though this was my first time Carmel, Indiana and its surrounding areas, it will certainly not be the last. “Honest to Goodness” Indiana has amazing local eateries, speciality restaurants, and classic mom and pop joints that this foodie girl definitey approves of. We think you will enjoy these amazing places to eat in Carmel, too.

Do you have any local hot spots that we should add to our list for next time?

Thanks to the Hamilton County CVB for hosting our travels. As always, opinions and reviews are 100% mine and unbiased.

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Check out our list of amazing places to eat in Carmel, Indiana including BoomBozz Tap House for the most amazing pizza ever!
amazing places to eat in Carmel

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