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The Ultimate Culinary Adventure: The Best Restaurants in DeLand, Florida

The Ultimate Culinary Adventure: The Best Restaurants in DeLand, Florida

Nestled in the heart of the Sunshine State, DeLand, Florida, might charm passersby with its quaint facade, but venture deeper into this cultural gem, and it unveils its culinary treasures. Far from the bustling metropolises that Florida is renowned for, DeLand offers a respite to travelers and food enthusiasts, beckoning them to explore its vibrant gastronomic scene. So, whether you’re a local looking for your next meal or a tourist with a discerning palate, here are the best restaurants in DeLand, Florida, you won’t want to miss.



A gem in the heart of DeLand, BakeChop isn’t just a restaurant — it’s a portal to the grand bazaar of flavors and textures. Each day, a kaleidoscope of farm-fresh vegetables and innovative sides (think collards, beets & goat cheese, fried plantains, and broccoli salad) make the changing scratch kitchen menu. 


Among the culinary dalliances, you’ll find savory wonders like ‘Onion Rings with a Twist,’ ‘Cue the Quiche,’ and the show-stopping ‘Billy Madison,’ a croissant generously filled with Sloppy Joe bliss, collard greens, and Manchego cheese.

But there’s more than just good taste; BakeChop proudly crafts its menu around local love and supporting pasture-raised or clean meats. The menu includes gluten-free and vegan items, too.


Boston Coffee House

Beyond the ocean of culinary diversity lies Boston Coffee House, a haven for coffee enthusiasts and those who seek to pair their meal with the perfect cup of joe. This cozy establishment combines the art of cafe culture with an impressive selection of homemade pastries and light bites.

Indulge in a meticulously crafted brew, roasted in-house, and delectable pastries that taste like your grandmother made them. I can’t ever leave without taking home cookies or muffins.

Try the breakfast offerings, from toasted bagels to savory breakfast burritos. My fave is the Chipotle Breakfast Ciabatta sandwich, with mushrooms, onions, and chipotle dressing, a harmonious blend that truly satisfies. Try the Yankee Doodle espresso with chocolate and steamed milk for a tasty beverage option.

Photo from Boston Coffee House website.

De la Vega

Embark on a gastronomic journey at De la Vega, your new favorite pit stop that blends Latin-fusion fare with the coziness of indoor/outdoor dining. Whether you’re a road warrior or a leisurely traveler, this spot is a must-visit for its delectable tapas, soul-soothing sangria, and lively margaritas.

Kickstart your flavor adventure with mouth-watering homemade empanadas, indulge in chicken mole rice balls, or dive into El Trio, a zesty trio of guac, queso, and salsa. When choosing a main course, let me tell you, the Ropa Vieja Latin Bowl is a game-changer. Imagine a plate brimming with salad, crispy tostones, savory black beans, and perfectly cooked rice.


And hey, who can resist a good happy hour? Swing by De la Vega Restaurante Wed-Sun from 4 to 7 PM and revel in 2-for-1 sangria, house margaritas, and Modelo drafts.

Looking for a recommend Sunday brunch? They’ve got you covered from 11 AM to 2 PM. Besides the scrumptious food, my favorite thing about this best restaurant in DeLand is its vegan menu, with items ranging from hibiscus tacos to jackfruit quesadillas. Yum!


Half Wall Beer House

In the heart of DeLand’s bustling downtown, you’ll stumble upon the Half Wall Beer House – a friendly spot that feels like a second home for sports enthusiasts and foodies alike. Their menu crafts the perfect marriage between mouthwatering bar bites and a broad spectrum of brews.

Whether you’re a connoisseur craving the oaky richness of the Jefficus Bourbon Coffee Vanilla Oatmeal stout or a seafood lover hankering for a steamy batch of Mussels in Beer (savory Parm and red chili flakes), Half Wall has your taste buds covered. The fat Jumbo Honey-Glazed Wings get al ot of rave reviews, too.

Your culinary adventure is only complete with their adult dessert, the Half Wall Jefficus Float, a must-try.


For the best things to do in DeLand, check out this suggestions.

Emmy’s Time Out Tavern

The charm doesn’t stop there. DeLand’s culinary scene is dotted with other gems, such as Emmy’s Time Out Tavern, where traditional German fare warms the soul.

For authenticity, let Emmy’s dazzle you with their hearty Kartoffelpuffer; German pancakes served with sour cream and applesauce for dipping. The Schnitzel is legendary; my favorite is the breaded pork with brown mushroom onion gravy, accompanied by the soft lull of sauerkraut. Throw in a side of sweet red cabbage, too, because it is 10/10 delicious.

Emmy’s dinner entrees include fresh bread, vegetable beef soup, and an irresistible German cucumber salad. All this is served in an environment that feels as comforting as Sunday dinner with family, though they are closed Monday through Wednesday.

Photo from Emmy’s Time Out Tavern FB page.

Cress Restaurant

At the heart of DeLand’s culinary evolution stands Cress Restaurant, a pioneer of modern dining intertwined with the historic splendor of the city. Helmed by Chef Hari Pulapaka and his wife, this locale marries local provisions with global flavors designed to craft a memorable and ever-changing menu.

Photo from Cress Restaurant website.

Artisanal sophistication is the highlight, with dishes showcasing the delectable marriage of seasonal, local ingredients and culinary artistry. From garlic escargot with cremini mushroom and garlic to cocoa & espresso-rubbed hanging tenderloin, prepare to have your taste buds embark on a journey. Do save room for the James Beard Inspired Citrus & Almond Cake, worth every bit of the $12 price tag.

Cress is committed to sustainability, ensuring an ethical component to every meal. The accolades don’t stop there — the restaurant has garnered a loyal following and rave reviews, solidifying its status as a not-to-be-missed stop on your DeLand dining expedition.

Photo from Cress Restaurant website.

Abbey Bar

Meanwhile, Abbey Bar is your sanctuary for unexpected flavor combinations, mead, cider, and brews pushing the palate’s boundaries. Indulge in the delightful B Nektar Orange Cream Delight mead or feast upon the Spanish Inquisition Quesadilla, a savory medley of pork, candied jalapeños, mozzarella, and onions that will dance on your taste buds. I do not know what they do to the quesadillas here, but they are so good! 

Candied jalapeños are a thing in this part of Florida, and you won’t find any better than right here. Try some with the Cowboy Candy appetizer, with candied jalapenos over cream cheese, served with crackers.

Guests flock to this vibrant location for the food, drinks, and kinship. Fun Fact: Abbey Bar was listed on “100 Bars to Visit Before You Die”.


Tony’s New York Pizza

Sometimes, epicurean satisfaction comes not from fine dining but from the unassuming corners of culinary culture. Enter Tony’s New York Pizza, a familial establishment that brings the bustling streets of New York to the heart of DeLand, Florida.

With a wide array of award-winning pizzas, pasta, and Italian-American favorites, Tony’s promises a genuine taste of the Big Apple. The star of the show? A traditional New York slice — its crust, a balance between crisp and chewy, its sauce and cheese, a testament to simplicity in perfection.

Aside from pizza, my top picks would be the Antipasto Italiano Salad, Italian Wedding Soup, and Chicken Brunello —mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes in a creamy pink sauce.

This pizzeria embodies casual excellence, where high-quality ingredients and time-honored recipes speak volumes. As patrons venture through the doors, they not only find a meal but an experience that transcends the mere act of eating.

Photos from Tony’s NY Pizza IG page.

The Twisted Chopstick

For the adventurous and the fan, The Twisted Chopstick presents a fusion of cuisines that marries Asian sensibilities with the soul of southern cooking. Nestled within DeLand’s culinary mosaic, the Twisted Chopstick surprises and delights with its unique take on familiar dishes.

Here, you’ll find southern favorites infused with an Asian twist — think bourbon chicken complemented by sticky rice and a hint of wasabi. The menu is abundant with creativity, showcasing a playful prowess in sync with its palatable offerings. The Ahi Nachos with spicy tuna, wasabi mayo, and Asian slaw catch my eye.

The response from patrons is universally glowing, especially attesting to the welcoming atmosphere and the attentive culinary innovations. My friends who live in DeLand love this place; it’s their go-to place for dine-in or take-out.

Photo from Twisted Chopstick website.

Swamp House Riverfront Grill

Stepping into the Swamp House Riverfront Grill (though technically in DeBary) is akin to stepping into the vibrant ecosystem of Central Florida itself. This dining spot boasts its prime location, set against the picturesque backdrop of the St. Johns River, and offers an authentic Florida culinary experience.

Savor the famous gator tail bites or indulge in a basket of fried green tomatoes that capture the essence of Florida’s pantry. St Johns Catfish Nuggets and the Fried Grouper Sandwich are two other crowd pleasers.

As you dine, the river’s gentle flow and the rustling of cypress trees provide a sensory backdrop that elevates your meal to a memorable experience.

Photo from Swamp House Riverfront Grill FB page.

Santorini Greek Cuisine 

If your culinary compass points to the Mediterranean, then Santorini Greek Cuisine eagerly awaits your arrival. Greek cuisine takes center stage at this endearing DeLand eatery. But, as you dine, the river’s gentle flow and rustling cypress trees provide a sensory backdrop that elevates your dining experience.

Santorini enchants with an expansive menu of traditional Greek fare, from plates of house favorites like Pork Souvlaki and Gyros to Pastitsio and Dolmades. The atmosphere here is as inviting as the food, with decor that echoes the sun-soaked aesthetics of the Greek islands.

The restaurant’s commitment to a genuine Hellenic experience has garnered acclaim from patrons, who laud it for staying true to the essence of Greek hospitality. For a meal that continues even after you’ve tasted your last morsel, Santorini Greek Cuisine is a must-visit but closed on Sunday and Monday.

Photo from Santorini FB page.

DeLand: Taste Your Way Through

I can only eat so much on my trips to DeLand, but my friends tell me these are excellent choices, too. You may find something you like or love. If you want to share your experience, drop me a line, and I will add it to the blog post.

Whether it’s fine dining at Cress Restaurant, savoring a slice at Tony’s New York Pizza, or reveling in the fusion at The Twisted Chopstick, the eateries of DeLand, Florida, each promise a unique experience.

I’m heading to Urban Brick and Chicas Cuban Cafe on my next visit.

Thanks to West Volusia Tourism for hosting some of my meals. As always, opinions and reviews are 100% mine and unbiased.

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Joshua Schweigert

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That barbecue at Pitmasters looks incredible! If I ever find myself in that area of Florida, I'll definitely check it out. Thanks for sharing.

Cristina Luisa

Friday 30th of November 2018

Wow, so much food! It looks like most people would not walk away from West Volusia hungry. Being plant-based, I couldn't go to most of these places, but I'm always up for coffee and beer! The Boston Coffee House and the Old Spanish Sugar Mill look like they could be promising for people like me. :-)


Tuesday 4th of December 2018

Awesome! Something for everyone. ;) Thanks for reading.


Thursday 29th of November 2018

Despite the numerous trips I've made to Florida, I've never heard of DeLand, but now I definitely want to stop by during my next trip to Orlando (the Old Spanish Sugar Mill would definitely be my first stop)!


Friday 30th of November 2018

It is a gem! I'm selling the central part of Florida to everyone I meet. So many great treasures there. ;)


Thursday 29th of November 2018

I have started to feel hungry looking at the amazing food photos here. West Volusia in Florida seems to have some amazing eating options and its hard for me to say which is a must try. Hope I get to visit here and just go on a food tour!


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Sounds like a tasty and great plan!

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