Cricut Joy

Reviewing The New Cricut Joy

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Cricut Joy is the newest cutting and writing machine with a simple and compact design allowing you to personalize and customize every day.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cricut. All opinions are 100% mine.

When I first heard about Cricut’s new machine, the Cricut Joy, I wasn’t sure it was for me, since I already own a Cricut Explore Air 2. Did I really need another Cricut machine?

Flash forward four weeks and my answer is YES! I absolutely love the Cricut Joy. It’s small, lightweight, and perfect for little projects. So far, I have used it to organize my pantry, crafting supply storage, and baby’s closet, made cards, and created baby bodysuits. While this compact Cricut machine makes a wonderful addition to a Cricut Explore Air 2 or Maker, it’s a great machine on its own.

Learn all about the new Cricut Joy and how to organize your pantry with it.

Cricut Joy

What Is The Cricut Joy?

Cricut Joy is Cricut’s newest cutting and writing machine. It’s also Cricut’s smallest machine ever. The simple and compact design allows you to personalize, organize, and customize every day. You definitely don’t need a craft room for this smart little machine–it fits perfectly on a counter or desk.

With the Cricut Joy, you can make a little happiness in minutes. Cricut Design Space offers lots of Cricut Joy projects that can be completed in 15 minutes. It’s everything you love about Cricut simplified.

The Cricut Joy has three unique features–it continuously cuts one color up to 20 feet, does not require a mat, and connects to your computer via Bluetooth. How awesome is that?

Cricut Joy

Smart Materials

The Cricut Joy has its own set of materials–called Smart Materials. Create with Iron-On, Vinyl, Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets, deluxe paper, writable vinyl, and writable paper, all in a variety of colors.

With the specialized Insert Cards, you can create unique cards at a moment’s notice.

The Cricut Joy writes, too, thanks to the full suite of compatible pens.

Cricut Joy Smart Materials

Pantry Organization

The first project I did with my Joy was organize my pantry. I purchased bins from Home Goods and used my Cricut Joy to label the contents of each. Here’s how I did it.


You Will Need:

Organizational Bins

Cricut Joy

Smart Label Writable Vinyl

Cricut Joy Fine Point Pens

Weeding Tool

Cricut Joy pantry organization

Directions: Designing

1. Organize the food in your pantry using your organizational bins. When you’re finished, make a list of what is in each bin.

2. Open Cricut Design Space. Draw a rectangle the size you want your label to be. Set the linetype to cut. Then, use the text tool to write your first label. Set the text linetype as draw. Select both the rectangle and the text, click align, center horizontally, and then center vertically. When you’re finished, attach the text and the rectangle. Your first label is complete! Continue until you have made all of the labels for your organizational bins.

If you want to use the labels I made, here is the link to my design.

When all of your labels are made, it’s time to use your Cricut Joy!

Cricut Joy pantry labels

Directions: Cutting

3. Connect your Cricut Joy to your computer via Bluetooth. Review your artwork and make sure you attached the text to the rectangle and set the linetypes as draw (text) and cut (rectangle). Select the material load type as without mat. When everything looks correct, click continue.

Follow with the onscreen instructions. Cricut Design Space had me load the pen first and then the cutting blade. When your Cricut Joy is finished writing and cutting, unload the Smart Label Writable Vinyl and click finish on Cricut Design Space.

Note: Your Joy will continuously cut all of your labels. Make sure you have lots of room in front and behind your machine.

Cricut Joy

4. Weed your Smart Label Writable Vinyl. DO NOT use transfer tape! You will simply peel each label off of the sheet and place it on your organizational bin. When you’ve applied all of your labels to your bins, your pantry organization project is complete!

pantry organization
pantry organization

Cricut’s Smallest Machine

I absolutely love the Cricut Joy! It has made organizing my life so much fun. I am making more Cricut projects now that I don’t have to pull out my big Cricut Explore Air 2 machine and all of its cords and supplies.

I can’t wait to make more projects with my little Cricut Joy and hope you will check it out, too!


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