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Where will your travels take you next? Discover Your Next Adventure with Wherever I May Roam!

At Wherever I May Roam Blog, we have a treasure trove of travel suggestions, from charming small towns in the US to luxurious getaways and vibrant cities around the globe. Our specialty? Unearthing hidden gems, with a spotlight on lesser-known destinations like Florida, Mississippi, West Virginia, and the Midwest.

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The United States

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Explore Unique Destinations

  • Off-the-beaten-path treasures in Kansas
  • Top restaurants in Utah
  • Must-see Las Vegas
  • National Parks for nature lovers
  • Sculpture gardens, museums, and animal attractions
  • Food tours to tantalize your taste buds

With over 35 years of travel expertise, Melody shares personal stories and insider tips to make your journeys unforgettable.

The Caribbean

Caribbean & Tropical Places



Central America

Central America & Mexico

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