Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Hacks

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Magic Kingdom Hacks to help you make the most of your visit to Disney World, including what time to arrive, when to eat, and much more.

After being a Disney Passholder for the past three years, I have come up with a list of Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Hacks. A hack is something to make life easier or help manage time more efficiently. After doing some research and spending many days at Magic Kingdom, these are the best hacks for this Disney park.

magic kingdom Cinderella's castle

Download The Disney App

I include this on every Walt Disney World post that I write because I swear by this app. It keeps track of all of your FastPasses and restaurant reservations, gives you real wait times at each attraction, shows you where each character is, has a map of the park, and lists all of the parade times. I highly recommend getting your plans together before your visit and using the app to keep on schedule throughout the day. 

Disney World's Magic Kingdom Hacks

Arrive Early

Magic Kingdom does not start to get busy until around 10:30AM, on a normal day. By arriving when the park opens, you will be able to visit more attractions due to shorter lines and get better pictures in front of the castle, which is probably why you came to Magic Kingdom anyway.

Use FastPasses During Peak Times

Since Disney guests can only make three FastPass selections in advance per day, do not waste one of them on a ride before 11AM. The park is the busiest later in the afternoon, so this is when you want to try to book your FastPasses. If you manage to get FastPasses for the most popular rides (Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, The Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train), you will be able to squeeze more into your day at Disney by knocking those out quickly.

Play Sorcerers Of The Magic Kingdom

Here's how to play Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom.

My family discovered this game about a year ago and we love it! In this interactive role playing game, guests use spell cards at various locations throughout the park to beat Disney villains. Cards can be picked up at the Firehouse on Main Street. Best of all, this game is free and allows you to explore parts of the park that you did not know existed.

Look At Dining Menus Ahead Of Time

I am a picky eater and only a few restaurants at Magic Kingdom have what I like. There is nothing worse than walking around a crowded park, starving, trying to find a place that serves the food you are looking for. Look at counter service menus ahead of time, on the website or via the Disney app, so that you will know which restaurants have the food that you want and where they are located.

Eat When People Ride; Ride When People Eat

This is a popular way to squeeze in another ride or two during your day. Since most guest eat between 11 and 1, lines are generally a little bit shorter; this is the perfect time to head over to the attraction that you do not have a FastPass for. Plus, you will not have to wait in long restaurant lines and search for a table when you are ready to eat.

Skip The Crowds On Main Street

The shops on Main Street are all connected. By walking through the stores, instead of on the street, you can bypass all of the congestion. This is especially helpful around parade times. Plus, the shops are air conditioned. 

Disney World's Magic Kingdom Hacks

If You Need Pain Reliever, Visit The First Aid Station

The First Aid Station at Magic Kingdom is right beside of the Crystal Palace. If you need pain reliever, or any first aid item, just ask for it. They will give it to you for free!

Watch The Fireworks From Frontierland

If you do not plan on getting a seat for the nighttime fireworks show more than an hour in advance, your chance of getting a good viewing spot is slim to none. Head over to Frontierland and watch the fireworks from outside of Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe. You will not be able to see the castle projections, but you will be able to see the firework display and not be on top of thousands of people.

Take A Break

One of my favorite rides at Magic Kingdom is the PeopleMover. This 10 minute narrated tour is the perfect middle of the day activity because you get to sit down, cool off, and explore Tomorrowland. You will learn about all of the attractions in Tomorrowland and even get to go inside of Space Mountain. The best part is that it continually moves so there is never a wait! The Carousel of Progress is another really great attraction to visit when you need a break.

Magic Kingdom Hacks

Shop When The Park Closes

The shops on Main Street are open for one hour after the park closes. This is the best time to buy souvenirs since people are busy leaving and trying to get on the monorail. Instead of spending time waiting in line during the day, use this opportunity to buy all of your gifts and let the lines die down. Plus, this way you will not have to lug bags around the park all day.

Have a Magical Day!

I hope these Magic Kingdom Hacks help you make the most of your visit at Walt Disney World.

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