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50+ Exciting Elementary Homeschool Resources

50+ Exciting Elementary Homeschool Resources

As a homeschooling mom, I’m always searching for resources to keep my 5-year-old daughter engaged and excited to learn. One of the best parts of homeschooling is the ability to choose materials that are not only educational but also interesting to my child. I want to share some of the elementary homeschool resources I use for math, science, geography, social studies, religion, Spanish–and some that are just fun!


Some companies sent me product for inclusion in this post. All opinions and reviews are unbiased and completely my own.

How We Homeschool

We started our homeschooling journey when my daughter turned 4. Over the past year, I’ve looked into every curriculum you can think of. But, we decided to use a plethora of learning materials instead of one set curriculum.

I pick up a grade-level workbook from Costco (typically Brain Quest or School Zone), tear all of the pages out, sort them into subjects, and put together a packet of 5-6 pages for us to do each day. This allows us to touch on numerous subjects per day, and I can mix and match material she already knows and fun activities with something new. I always keep letter and number practice in the mix!


After completing our packet, we will venture to some of these elementary homeschool resources to touch on science concepts, learn Bible verses, work on foreign language skills, etc.

At the end of the day, I sit at my computer and log the activities that we did on a Microsoft Word document and make a note on her calendar that we completed school today. Since my daughter is 5, I do not need to log her schoolwork since she would only be in preschool (due to her October birthday). But it’s a good habit to get into!

Math and Science Elementary Homeschool Resources

My daughter is most interested in science, so we use a lot of science elementary homeschool resources. She reads three books nearly daily: How Your Body WorksFirst Body Book, and Human Brain. We have also had a lot of fun with this interactive human body anatomy figure, which allows her to study body parts up close.


I got the Biggest Book of Science & Space and STEM Fun! Technology at Costco, both of which are suitable for introducing broad science topics. We have been reading the ABCs of Biology and ABCs of Science for several years now, as they are built to last through different ages. Level one teaches the basics, level two builds curiosity, and level three expands on what’s already been introduced. 

This Illustrated Elementary Math Dictionary and Science Dictionary are great, too! They provide clear explanations with fun illustrations that make math and science exciting for kids.

Studying Crystals and Rocks

Declan’s Mining Company has a multitude of activities for exploring the world of crystals and rocks. Their bestselling Declan’s Mining Bucket contains 4+ pounds of stones and crystals mixed in with sand for an at-home mining experience. An identification chart is included so your child can learn the name of each stone they find, too. 


Pro Tip: While you can continue storing the contents inside the bucket, we use a small tote so we can mine again and again.


Another fun Declan’s Mining Company hands-on science project that we love is Declan’s Dino Dig. Play archaeologist and dig for treasures! It comes with all the tools you need to unearth mini dinosaurs, geodes, stones, and more.

Pro Tip: Put your Dino Dig findings in your mining tote so your kid can discover them repeatedly.


Is your child really interested in crystals and their energy? Check out Declan’s Mining Company’s Crystal Stickers and beautiful gemstone beaded bracelets.


Discovering Nature

Storey Publishing’s Backpack Explorer 5-Book Set with Nature Collection Box is our go-to when it comes to getting outside and learning about all things nature.

The Backpack Explorer Box Set contains five beautifully illustrated books: On The Nature TrailBird WatchBug HuntDiscovering Trees, and Rock Hunt. Each includes prompts, activities, interactive field guides, and sensory scavenger hunts. Colorful, lightweight, and durable, these books are designed to be put in a backpack and taken on nature walks. 

The Box Set turns into a Nature Collection Box to store your outdoor findings, like leaves, feathers, rocks, and more.


Julia Rothman Anatomy Series

In her whimsical, wonderful Anatomy series, illustrator Julia Rothman artfully catalogs the parts and pieces of our world, from the microscopic to the mountainous, from the elements of farm life to nature’s wonders to the foods we love.

There are five books in her Anatomy series (FarmFoodNatureOcean, and Wildlife Anatomy), all of which are fantastic elementary homeschool resources!


Through Rothman’s beautiful drawings, children can discover why the sea is salty, how a barn is constructed, the anatomy of a lion’s claw, how sunsets work, street eats, and lots more. Her illustrations are paired with intriguing facts, labels, and interactive activities that encourage curiosity and inspire you to look more closely at the world around you.


Nature Adventures

I told you that we used a lot of science elementary homeschool resources!

Wild Child is a multi-sensory journey that starts with a look out the window and wanders into the garden, through the woods, up a hilltop, and along the riverbank. Each chapter comes with creatures to find, facts, and a project to do. 



Learning resources have some of the best manipulatives for math. We often use their Big Time Student ClockMathLink Cubes, and Pattern Block Activity Set


Geography and Social Studies

Geography allows children to explore and understand where they come from, where they live, and the surrounding places. Social studies teaches fundamental concepts in economics, politics, and culture to help kids grasp how the world around them works.

Some of my favorite elementary homeschool resources for these subjects are My First Atlas of the 50 StatesNational Parks, My First Grade Geography, and this USA Map Puzzle.


History is a story—and it’s impossible to tell the whole tale without understanding the setting. In Prisoners of Geography, readers will spot connections between geography and world affairs through the book’s colorful maps and illustrations.


A lively introduction to different cultures and countries, Around the World is an informational picture book series that explores familiar childhood experiences, such as family, celebrations and play. These engaging books encourage an understanding of the world beyond your child’s own experience by celebrating differences and similarities. 



Religion is part of our homeschool curriculum, too. As a Christian, I like to teach her bible verses and important stories from the Bible. My First Bible Stories5 Minute Bible Stories, and My First Memory Verse Bible are three of my favorite elementary homeschool resources to do so. 


I also believe it’s important to expose my daughter to other religions. By gaining a greater understanding of the cultures and beliefs of people around the world, children build respect and tolerance for the differences that make each of us unique.

Kids Book of World Religion examines the histories, scriptures, places of worship, religious leaders, gods, and major festivals that are the foundations of many of the world’s religions.


Foreign Language

It’s no surprise that learning Spanish is an essential part of our homeschooling journey, as we travel all the time. I have been reading Disney bilingual books (like Farm Animals and Rain or Shine) to my daughter since she was a baby in an effort to introduce her to the language. Now, we’re working on the basic fundamentals. 

The Complete Book of Starter Spanish Workbook is fantastic! It does a great job of allowing your child’s skills to build as they progress through the book. I have also purchased Spanish/English printables on Etsy (Emotions, Shapes), laminated them, and created flashcards my daughter can interact with daily.


My daughter loves to play games! So, we try to buy games that are both fun and provide opportunities for her to master new skills. Our favorites are Clue Jr, Monopoly Jr, Noodle Knockout!, Family BINGO, and UNO.


Miscellaneous Elementary Homeschool Resources

Why Do I Feel So Worried? is a good resource for anxiety. It’s full of simple, evidence-based practices presented in a decision-tree format to help kids name the emotion they’re struggling with, figure out its source, and calm down with an easy activity.

With 100+ writing and drawing prompts to motivate and engage creativity, Adventures With Zap introduces the magic of storytelling through playful writing practice.

Wimmelbooks are virtually instruction-free, inviting kids to make their own way through the busy Wimmelworld they encounter and make up their own stories for what they see. These oversize board books are bursting with life, and we like the I Can Do It! book in the series.


Finding the right resources that match your child’s interests and learning style can make all the difference in their educational journey. Whether it’s math, science, anatomy, reading, or just having fun, plenty of elementary homeschool resources are out there to keep learning exciting for kids.

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