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Excellent Ellijay, Georgia Restaurants

Excellent Ellijay, Georgia Restaurants

My husband and I recently had an absolute blast exploring Ellijay – the Apple Capital of the state! We spent our time roaming the charming downtown area, residing in a cozy multi-decked house with drop-dead gorgeous views, and, most importantly, feasting on an array of incredibly delicious food. Check out these five excellent Ellijay, Georgia restaurants that we couldn’t get enough of.


1. Cantaberry Restaurant

Our culinary adventure started as soon as we entered the town in North Georgia, with our appetites roaring after a lengthy road trip. We quickly found solace at Cantaberry Restaurant.


With their enclosed patio suited for all climates, we relished tasty soup & sandwich pairings. I had tuna salad, he had chicken salad. Cantaberry offers various soup options, and we were utterly won over by the chicken wild rice!


The bowls of warm goodness left us craving more, but we made sure to save some room for their heavenly homemade pies. Trust us, you don’t want to miss this sweet treat!

There is a second location in Blue Ridge.


2. Country Corner Kitchen

Ahoy travelers! If you’re searching for a breakfast haven with a fantastic fusion of flavors and pocket-friendly prices, look no further than Country Corner Kitchen.

Located just a stone’s throw from our Airbnb, this gem swiftly became our daily go-to for mouthwatering sausage, generously buttery cheese biscuits, and authentic Cuban coffee that transported us straight to South Florida.

Craving something different? Don’t miss Country Corner Kitchen’s scrumptious Cuban breakfast platter. With warm smiles and a friendly chat, the top-notch service is the perfect appetizer for your gastronomic adventures!


3. Ellijay Wood-Fired Pizza

If you’re looking for the perfect combination of authentic Italian restaurant food and charm, and delicious pizza, look no further than Ellijay Wood-Fired Pizza! We stopped there expecting just a takeout meal, but were so charmed by the atmosphere that we couldn’t help staying.

And did they ever deliver on flavor – starting with an incredible Crab & Artichoke wood-fired Fondue served with toasted crostini that had us nearly licking our plates clean.


My husband’s French Onion soup was also delightful – cooked up in a mini crock pot topped off with Emmental and Gruyere cheese. My spicy sausage pizza pie came loaded down with crushed tomatoes and yummy peppadew peppers, making it one of the best pizzas I’ve ever tasted!

I would eat here often if I lived in Ellijay.


4. R & A Orchards

Imagine visiting a place that’s a grocery store, bakery, restaurant, and orchard all wrapped into one delightful package. That’s exactly what you’ll experience at R & A Orchards in Ellijay, one of the must-visit year-round apple markets.

As a versatile traveler’s oasis, it offers fresh produce, baked treats galore, and a delightful lunch menu to savor as you dine in.

One of the showstoppers? The famous fried pies! Ellijay, North Georgia, is known for this heavenly delight, and at R & A Orchards, it takes center stage.

Picture sinking your teeth into a pumpkin hand-pie, so fully loaded that it practically requires a bowl and fork. The creamy, velvety texture hints at the cream cheese indulgence it holds within, tantalizing your tastebuds with every scrumptious bite.

And let’s not forget the mini pumpkin pies – these cute, bite-sized treats simply call out for you to take some home and share the love!


5. The Roof

Looking for a one-of-a-kind dining experience in Ellijay? Don’t miss The Roof – the town’s only rooftop restaurant! Enjoy luxurious meals in a breathtaking setting complete with elevator access and cozy heaters for chilly evenings.

Get ready to be impressed by The Roof’s unique and delightful menu! Treat your taste buds with their scrumptious Bologna Sliders, featuring crispy fried bologna and truffle dijonnaise on warm, fluffy sweet rolls.

If you’re a seafood lover or Southerner, indulge in their mouthwatering Shrimp and Grits, flaunting a combination of Logan Turnpike cheese grits and rich Tasso ham.


The locals recommend the Rooftop Chicken Sandwich, crowned with a luscious Alabama white barbecue slaw, and served with a side of your choice. Vegetarians, fret not. The Roof offers equally delectable options for you too!

Scrumptious Ellijay, Georia Restaurants

All in all, Ellijay is full of remarkable restaurants that provide a unique experience. From Cantaberry for the soup and sandwich-lovers to R&A Orchards for the best fried pies in town, Ellijay has something for people from all walks of life.

And don’t forget about Ellijay Wood-Fired Pizza and Country Corner Kitchen for when you just need that homey feeling of comfort food made from scratch. And if you’d like a more upscale dining experience, then The Roof should be at the top of your list.

With these five restaurants, there is sure to be something to delight every traveler to Ellijay. So tell us – what is your favorite Ellijay Georgia restaurant and did it make our list?

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