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Exercise Options for On-The-Road Travel

Exercise Options for On-The-Road Travel

I recently hit the road for 18 to 24 months of pretty intense RV travel. My husband and I are seeing the country one state at a time. Between writing obligations, making videos, and the duties that come with breaking down a campsite and hooking up at another, I barely have time to get in any exercise. 


I am appreciative for the opportunity to work with Silver&Fit through this sponsored post. As always, opinions and reviews are 100% mine.

Exercise Classes

I was introduced to Silver&Fit about a year ago. I remember doing my first video in a hotel room in Marathon, Florida, with my friend Sara, who was half intrigued and half in stitches over watching me contort myself into some of the moves.

Silver&Fit is flexible, and I stress a flexible fitness routine that you can do anywhere. It is geared for those 50 and over, which, even though I can’t believe it myself, I fit into (laughs all around). The ease of sliding into an exercise class, or for those opposed to the term exercise (we can just go with fitness routine), is super simple, and anyone can do it.

I started my travel adventure watching Silver&Fit on my laptop and doing the intermediate yoga classes, which are actually pretty intense, seeing that I am not in a routine fitness regimen. I enjoyed hearing Penny guide me through the steps and movements. I also liked the speed at which she led the class. I also tried Silver&Fit’s dance and meditation classes. I skimmed through a few others, making notes of the ones I liked and thought I would benefit from.

As I mentioned, Silver&Fit has different fitness levels, from beginner and intermediate to advanced. I don’t know about you, but the word beginner makes me feel like a total slacker. Even though I can walk a good 8 to 10 miles at Disney, hike to see waterfalls, and keep up with my 2-year-old granddaughter, hitting each of the poses for yoga or dance steps, isn’t all that easy without practicing. There goes my grand illusion of starting with the expert level.

Exercising On The Road

Now that my Cedar Creek RV is my home, I can do the Silver&Fit videos, exercise on the road, on demand from the comfort of my living room floor. I can either watch the videos from my laptop sitting on the fireplace ledge or connect a cord from my computer to the TV and have a bigger screen to view.

I’m still stuck on watching Penny’s videos; she’s my favorite, though I have ventured out to try Alex and Keli, both of whom are great instructors. I can fit the routines into my schedule, morning, noon, or night, depending on what else I have planned for the day. I use a chair from my dining table set for some of the poses and even with that, it only takes up a small amount of room. I can also do part of a class at one time, and finish on my own time. That’s the beauty of Silver&Fit—flexibility, no pun intended.


Classes I’m Currently Exploring

I recently had a back issue, which resulted in a numb leg (I’ve had these back issues for 20 years now). Due to the numb leg and foot, I had a nasty spill over my suitcase at the airport. I realized then that I needed some balance and flexibility in my daily routine, so Penny to the rescue.

I’m now trying to do something about my health limitation by being proactive. I’m following the Intermediate Flexibility & Balance with Penny, a 30-minute course that works on improving stability, posture, flexibility, and strength. Definitely things I need to address with my age, active lifestyle, and current medical condition. The video is pretty easy, with plenty of time to hit the poses and stretches, but I was surprised at how little balance I had doing even the simplest moves. I’m getting better with each class I take, so I like that I can instantly see improvements and benefits.


Watch it Live…Or Stream

Not only can you watch the fitness videos that are on-demand with both Facebook and YouTube, but you can also take part in live workouts by joining in on Silver&Fit’s Facebook Live and YouTube on Monday through Friday. Pick the workout you like, and the skill level.

In fact, see if one of your family members or friends you’ve made on the road want to join you. It’s even more fun with a friend. You will find classes geared toward balance, strength training, cardio, dance, and much more.


My Future Exercise Plans

I want to start the Tai Chi videos soon, since I see meet ups for our age group nearly everywhere I go. Learning a few of the movements in the comfort of my home (RV, or hotel room), will give me a leg up on comfortably sliding into the face-to-face interaction.

I also want to purchase exercise bands as soon as I can so I can do all the movements for the flexibility and a few other videos for the full effect.

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