Finding Purpose in Today’s Time With Help From California Psychics

Find your purpose in today's time with help from California Psychics, who can help steer you in the right direction and give you reassurance.

This article was written in collaboration with California Psychics to share my insight and honest opinions.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who sometimes feels so bogged down that I don’t know which way to turn. With deadlines from my freelance writing gigs, two blogs to update and write for, a travel conference for bloggers and tourism destinations around the country, and influencer contracts to honor, at age 53, I’ve never been busier pursuing multiple income streams. Whether or not I have too many irons in the fire is up for interpretation, but to me, it feels exciting and relevant.


But, does what I do make a difference?

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That is one of the things I have questioned now that the country is opening back up and things are returning to normal. Is traveling still my purpose, or am I spinning my wheels? Do the places I visit and write about encourage others and do my suggestions help them save time and money? Do the destinations I mention receive tax dollars from hotel stays, restaurants, and shops visited due to an article someone read that I wrote?

I needed some guidance about my purpose for my future, so I reached out to California Psychics. California Psychics has talented psychic advisors who can provide clarity and answer questions on things going on in your life. No matter the topic—finance, career paths, love, and relationships—you can find a friendly voice online or via the internet to help reassure you about your decisions. 


Finding My Purpose

My daughter, also my business partner, and I started a Southern Travelers Explore conference three years ago, taking pieces from all the conferences we had been to, fine-tuning the parts we liked and filling in some of the holes to create one that suited us. It has been incredibly successful, attracting travel writers and professionals from around the country. In fact, it sold out this year, and we had a long waiting list.


Psychic Rika was quick to tell me that our conference sounded like a family, which is the biggest goal we are reaching for. She also mentioned the size, which we cap to 50 to preserve the intimacy, allowing attendees to make more meaningful relationships than just a name and face. Just hearing her helpful voice hammering home the key points of why this conference provides a foundation for learning and networking and how each person is like a family member to us has been so helpful.


I also remember Rika suggesting that I practice for TV appearances. That was a coincidence since the last two significant readings I had over the previous three years have all said they saw me being on TV, which I kicked out of my mind as soon as I heard it.


I’m Writing A Book!

And then the fear kicks in. While I could talk to the masses in person, every day, all day, the thought of being on TV is daunting. Psychic Rika was sure to drive home points to keep me focused and offer suggestions for rehearsing and preparing on levels that will keep me calm. I was most thankful for this as I work toward my October deadline for my 100 Things to Do in West Virginia Before You Die book.

Rika could also tell I’m a people person and love being helpful. I can do just that with my blog. I can save travelers time and money with hints and suggestions from my own experience. Plus, I can provide armchair travel for those who can no longer travel or hit places that trigger memories from their past to relive those once again. It’s a blessing to be in my line of work, and California Psychics helped reiterate my purpose in life.


My Personal Psychic History

I’ve been a longtime supporter of psychics and mediums and had readings that range from tea leaves to tarot cards, palm reading to my most recent, a phone call to California Psychics. Until that call, all my past readings had been in person. I was shocked that it felt the same, and I connected with my psychic advisor in seconds. I found it helpful that the California Psychics website had a great rundown on each available advisor, ranging from experience, bios, pictures, reviews, unique gifts, and tools they sometimes use to seek the best answers.


For those considering a call to California Psychics, they are available 24/7, 365 days a year. Select a quiet place where you can fully concentrate on your reading and make the call. Be sure to go into the conversation very honestly and have your questions or concerns on paper, which helps you stay on track.

My readings have been across the board in the past, varying from city to city, state to state, and I’ve only had positive experiences. For those who might be doubtful, you never know until you try it. For those who are cynical, when you get the specific answers that I have, starting with my first reading, there is no room for doubt.

Your California Psychics advisor will tailor your reading to fit your life, whatever you need help on, which is reassuring. For me, knowing my future has a purpose and ways to make attaining that future not so scary was a relief and inspiring, too. I’m pleased to have found this savvy helper and glad to have had reassurance through my psychic advisor.

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This article was written in collaboration with California Psychics to share my insight and honest opinions.

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