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5 Great Restaurants in Natchez, MS

5 Great Restaurants in Natchez, MS

The historic city of Natchez sits on the banks of the majestic Mississippi River and is a popular stop for elegant paddlewheel steamboats. Natchez truly embodies the charm of the South, with its beautiful antebellum mansions and a National Historical Park. But that’s not all – the food here is absolutely delicious. In fact, I’ve rounded up five great restaurants in Natchez, MS, that will satisfy all your culinary desires.

Happy eating!


1. The Camp

Welcome to The Camp, situated right along the waterfront where you can catch a glimpse of passengers disembarking at the cruise port. The menu is filled with delectable sandwich creations, refreshing salads, and tasty tacos.

One of the standout food items is the Philly Cheese Tot-Chos. Imagine crispy tater tots smothered in creamy queso, sautéed peppers and onions, and tender grilled steak strips. To top it all off, cheese is melted over top of it all for an irresistible combination.

Another appetizer that’s sure to please is Camp Nachos. Picture a plate of crispy tortilla chips topped with flavorful pulled pork, spicy jalapeños, and a delightful mix of pepper jack and cheddar cheeses. Then, the pile of goodness is drizzled with Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce and creamy lime crema for an explosion of flavors.

Kudos to The Camp for the online waitlist opportunity so you can have your table ready when you arrive.


2. Mammy’s Cupboard

Experience the iconic roadside attraction, Mammy’s Cupboard, for yourself! After years of seeing it in publications and ads, I finally had the chance to visit this 1940 attraction. Although we initially missed out due to a private event, we made it in time for opening and avoided the lunch rush.


Let me tell you, the family owners are incredibly friendly and accommodating, which is always a plus. And the menu? It’s a true testament to delicious Southern cuisine.

I couldn’t resist trying the daily hot lunch special, which included a mouthwatering chicken pot pie, a classic layered salad, and unique broccoli cornbread. The layered salad brought back nostalgic memories from years ago.


My husband enjoyed the curry chicken salad croissant with pineapple and almonds, along with a side of potato salad. I couldn’t resist sampling everything, and it all received my stamp of approval. Be sure to save room for the mouthwatering pies, from classic meringue to refreshing icebox. They may also have Italian cream or hummingbird cake, both of which I couldn’t resist having a delicious sliver of.

Mammy’s Cupboard is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 AM to 2 PM.


3. Slick Rick’s Foods

Looking to make your friends green with envy? Look no further than Slick Rick’s for a mouthwatering Monte Cristo Sandwich. This Natchez, MS, gem offers convenient off-street parking and a two-story dining experience. With its impressive combination of restaurant, bakery, and bar, Slick Rick’s is the perfect one-stop-shop for all your dining desires.

Prepare to be tantalized by an array of delectable appetizers, though I couldn’t resist diving straight into the crispy, deep-fried goodness of the Monte Cristo. Packed with succulent roasted turkey, ham, Swiss cheese, and provolone, this wrap is a taste sensation.

And to take it to the next level, it’s dusted with powdered sugar and served with a side of tabasco jelly that will blow your taste buds away. Trust me, you’ll want to put that jelly on everything!


Now, I’m usually one to opt for something different than fries, but the hand-cut fries at Slick Rick’s are truly something special. And when paired with their delectable green onion sauce, they become a culinary experience you won’t want to miss.

If you’re in the mood for something on the lighter side, Slick Rick’s has you covered there too. My husband opted for the chicken and toasted pecan salad and it was the perfect fit for him. Topped with the house-made citrus vinaigrette dressing, it was bursting with original and flavorful goodness.

Keep in mind that Slick Rick’s is closed on Sundays and Mondays.


4. Roux 61 Seafood & Grill

When we couldn’t visit Mammy’s Cupboard, we discovered Roux 61 for lunch instead. It turned out to be a great alternative for our visit to Natchez, MS. With an impressive menu and classic dishes, Roux 61 Seafood & Grill is a popular restaurant with plenty of options.

You can save money and enjoy smaller portions by choosing from their lunch and dinner menus. The lunch menu is available Monday through Friday from 11 AM to 3 PM.


My husband opted for the fried chicken tender plate with slaw and fries, while I indulged in a grilled chicken breast topped with sautéed onions, mushrooms, and creamy Swiss cheese. I also had the grilled veggies and the stuffed potato casserole, which I highly recommend.

The food was delicious, and the service was friendly and fast. It’s no wonder that this restaurant is ranked among the top 5 in the city.


5. Fat Mama’s Tamales

Have you ever heard of Fat Mama’s “Knock-You-Naked” margarita mix? I discovered it at a travel conference a couple of years ago and it has been a game-changer for making the perfect margarita at home. It’s incredibly easy to use and always results in a delicious drink.

During our visit to Natchez, we made a stop at Fat Mama’s Tamales for a quick bite and a drink. This Mexican restaurant is famous for its tamales and margaritas. The atmosphere inside is colorful and artsy, while the outdoor patio is laid-back, warm, and welcoming. It’s a counter-service place, but also offers a convenient drive-thru option.


I decided to try their boudin, a Cajun pork and rice sausage link, accompanied by their fire & ice pickles. Let me tell you, if you’re a pickle fan, these are a must-try. They were so good that I could have easily eaten a whole jar!

My husband went for the classic margaritas and couldn’t resist having more than one. They were that good!

And here’s a fun fact: if you can’t visit Fat Mama’s in person, you can still enjoy their award-winning tamales by having them shipped to your doorstep.


Hopefully, these five restaurants will give you some ideas on tasty dishes to try and make your trip a little more decadent and delicious. Safe travels!

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