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A Mighty Good Time at the LEGOLAND Pirate Island Hotel

A stay at the LEGOLAND Pirate Island Hotel in Winter Haven, FL, offers a swash-buckling good time with many included activiites for everyone.

Thanks to LEGOLAND for hosting our visit, meals, and accommodations. As always, opinions and reviews are 100% mine and unbiased. 

One of the most awesome offerings in The Sunshine State is LEGOLAND Florida, a theme park with colorful, family-friendly hotels in Winter Haven. LEGOLAND is clean, easy to get to, built for kids, and has plenty of things your family will enjoy doing. My latest visit took me there to check out the newly opened LEGOLAND Pirate Island Hotel. With a colorful swash-buckling theme and oodles of included activities (including breakfast and parking), this is a place you are going to adore! 

legoland pirate island hotel

The New Pirate Hotel

My husband (Eddie) and I stayed at the LEGOLAND Pirate Island Hotel. If you’ve never been, the hotel sits a little more than 100 steps from the LEGOLAND theme park entrance. How is that for convenient?

The award-winning LEGOLAND Hotel is the central and big hotel, while Pirate Island is at the newly built end with a different vibe but many shared amenities. 

LEGOLAND hotel figurines in lobby
LEGOLAND hotel exterior view

A huge LEGO pit in the lobby offers a place to build your own creations or add to the wall-lined with LEGO pieces. A play area in the shape of a castle provides little ones with endless fun and adventure.

The LEGOLAND hotel(s) have on-site restaurants, a convenience store, and gift shop. Breakfast and self-parking are both complimentary with your stay—what a deal!

legoland hotel play areas and creations
castle play area in lobby at LEGOLAND hotel

Outside of the LEGOLAND hotel, an enormous fire pit welcomes guests to sit around and enjoy the nighttime ambiance or make S’mores. Along the lakeside is a handicapped-accessible boardwalk that is great for strolling and watching the picturesque sunset. Bring bug spray, as it is needed amidst all the live oak trees.

things to do outdoors at night legoland hotels

watching the sunset in winter haven

What are the Rooms Like? 

LEGOLAND Pirate Island Hotel rooms have the coolest carpet that I’ve ever seen. You are looking at a giant treasure map throughout the whole hotel, rooms included. Colorful murals, playful LEGO creations, and bold-patterned fabrics make the entire room “pop” and offer a cheery vibe.

Our themed crews’ standard quarters (room) had a king bed, chair, flat-screen TV, and plenty of lighting and plug-ins. All rooms have a mini-refrigerator, Keurig coffee-maker, and in-room LEGO® treasure hunt with prizes awarded daily.

The Pirate Island Hotel has 150 rooms and four suites, which can accommodate up to seven guests.  

LEGOLAND pirate island hotel

Kids will love the separate sleeping space, designed with all their needs in mind. There are bunk beds with individual lights (and charging ports), a trundle bed (to pull out as needed), flat-screen TV, and custom LEGO play area.

The bathroom is standard but has a toddler commode seat insert (this thing is genius!), step-stool for reaching the sink, and LEGO-brick tiled bathtub with removable shower head for more accessible kid bathing. There are also adorable custom toiletries. 

pirate island hotel bedding and shower

LEGOLAND’s Activities and Amenities

LEGOLAND Pirate Island Hotel has a large heated swimming pool. There are lifeguards on duty and foam “LEGO” pieces to build and play with along one edge of the pool. The pool deck has multi-colored lounge chairs for relaxing and umbrellas for sun protection.

A towel “vending machine” allows you to scan your guest room card for clean towels to be dispensed. The other side of the machine is for returns. Be sure to return your towel, or you will be charged a fee. I like the convenience of this towel machine–the first one I’ve ever seen.

Nearby, Florida’s Wild Side 9-hole Mini-Golf is available for $8 per person.  

pirate island hotel pool

One of the most popular free offerings at the LEGOLAND hotels is the LEGO building class. BRICKS Family Restaurant hosts a LEGO Master Builder Workshop a few times daily. You will need to sign-up for these interactive classes at the hotel reception, but what a great way to get help for your creations and maybe learn a few tricks. 

legoland master builder workshop

Upon check-in, you will be given an overview sheet showing the hotel’s weekly entertainment. Activities change often, but a few from my visit were Buccaneer bingo, interactive storytime, trivia, fairytale stories, and Build Yer Ship challenge. 

story time at Legoland pirate island hotel

A Breakfast of Champions

I can’t say enough about how fantastic the food is at LEGOLAND. I didn’t expect the hotel restaurants to be up to my high foodie standards, but they were all that and more: what a pleasant surprise. 

shipwreck restaurant table settings

For breakfast, guests arrive at the Shipwreck Restaurant at their set time and are served a freshly prepared breakfast buffet table side. The menu is the same for each table, but you can switch something out if you don’t like it, or ask for more. Breakfast includes potatoes, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage links, fluffy biscuits, sausage gravy, and mini-pancakes. Also available are fruit, oatmeal, and yogurt. A beverage of your choice is included with breakfast, and a carafe of orange juice is waiting on the table for your arrival. 

LEGOLAND gets props for offering a delicious breakfast, and making it simple, compact, and safe. 

shipwreck restaurant breakfast

Delightful Dinners

Dinner at Shipwreck Restaurant was a joy! The only decisions Eddie and I had to make were what beverage to drink and which meal to choose. A three-course dinner (plus soft drinks) at $28 for adults and $13 for children is a great way to go, and all you care to eat. 

shipwreck restaurant dinner

Our dinner started with gourmet salad (tomatoes, apples, asiago cheese, dried cranberries, and homemade poppy-seed dressing) and flower pot dinner rolls with honey butter. Main course choices are:

  • Pirate Platter: BBQ pulled pork, beef brisket, smoked sausages, rotisserie chicken, spare ribs, baked beans, and a trio of barbecue sauces.
  • Seadog Skillet: Grilled flank steak, blackened fish, herb-roasted pork tenderloin, rotisserie chicken, sautéed garlic citrus shrimp, wild rice pilaf, and mushroom cream sauce.
pirate island hotel dinner spread and dessert

We chose the Seadog Skillet, substituting smoked sausage for the fish. Our Instagram-worthy platter arrived and we were thrilled with the presentation and selection of food. Three side items (Mac & Cheese, roasted seasonal vegetables, and mashed potatoes) come with every meal and are served on the side. A velvety mushroom sauce went with the rice, and it was delicious! 

Dessert is a warm skillet chocolate chip cookie with ice cream, chocolate sauce, and Heath bar pieces. It’s amazing!

dinner spread at Legoland pirate island hotel

LEGOLAND’s Safety Measures

My husband and I think that LEGOLAND did a marvelous job ensuring the safety of their guests. We were temperature checked (and tagged with bracelets) upon arrival. The staff had masks on and the floor throughout the hotel was marked with safe distances to maintain. Even the elevator was limited to one family at a time.

Hand sanitizing stations were everywhere! The hotel even gives you a small bottle in your room to use at your discretion. 

colorful hotel and interior decor at legoland winter haven

Due to social distancing, meal reservations are required. While I don’t usually care for that strict of policy, I understand the need for strategically seating all of the guests, and know that everyone cannot fit in the prime meal times. We had dinner at 7:30 PM, which was fine, but breakfast was at 7:30 AM, which is early for us.

I noticed the measures the staff in Shipwreck Restaurant took to keep all of us safe. It made the early wake-up call a bit easier to digest…plus the tasty sausage gravy and biscuits they fed me were well worth getting out of bed for. 

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legoland pirate island hotel food

The Ultimate Theme Park

Visiting the LEGOLAND Florida theme park is a must! You’ll find a great selection of rides, shows, visual exhibits, and LEGO creations throughout the property. Choose tasty snacks like Granny’s apple fries (with caramel sauce) or a family-friendly lunch of burgers, chicken fingers, or turkey legs from one of the restaurants. 

Classic rides include Coastersaurus, LEGO NINJAGO, and Flying School. My favorite thrill ride at LEGOLAND is Mia’s Riding Adventure, which may look very tame but has a surprising thrill element. Do not miss walking through MINILAND– a series of exhibits from famous cities around the country. You’ll see Las Vegas, San Francisco, New York City, Miami, Washington, DC, and many more. 

Scarlett riding a ride at legoland

New at the park is THE LEGO MOVIE WORLD!, which makes it possible for you to fly through the world of Cloud Cuckoo Land on a triple-decker flying couch. Throughout the ride, watch for pirates, dragons, and castles. A second new ride, Unikitty’s Disco Drop, is a bouncy wild ride on a rainbow water adventure. You will get wet on this ride. 

To learn more about what to do at the LEGOLAND park, read our 16 fun things to do post. 

legoland pirate island hotel

A Solid New Addition

I feel that the new LEGOLAND Pirate Island Hotel is a great addition to the already wonderful LEGOLAND property. There are rooms for different budgets, and many drastically-reduced packages available right now to enjoy the vacation season. Treat your family to a fun-filled getaway in Winter Haven, Florida, and don’t forget your masks. 

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