must have Cricut accessories

10 Must Have Cricut Accessories

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Whether you have a Cricut Explore or Maker, these 10 must have Cricut accessories can help with whatever you want to make.

While a Cricut machine is capable of cutting more than 100 materials, Cricut accessories are what help your vision come to life. If you’re making cards, t-shirts, party decorations, coasters, or paper crafts, you will need Cricut accessories to complete them. Whether you have the Cricut Explore or Maker, here are 10 must have Cricut accessories.

must have Cricut accessories

1. Essential Tool Set

The Essential Tool Set is #1 on our list of must have Cricut accessories for a reason! It includes everything you need to slice, snip, score, weed, burnish, and trim your materials.

2. XL Scraper

Clear machine mats and apply larger vinyl projects to surfaces quickly with the XL Scraper. Anytime I use a scraper, I use this one–it saves a lot of time!

Cricut tool set

3. EasyPress 2

After one use, you will see why the EasyPress 2 is a must have Cricut accessory. I make a lot of t-shirts and it is an absolute breeze with the EasyPress.

Here’s why you need an EasyPress 2.

Cricut EasyPress 2

4. Iron-On And Premium Vinyl

If you’re making t-shirts, tote bags, dish towels, koozies, or pillowcases, you’re going to need Iron-On vinyl. Cricut has a wide variety of every day, glitter, foil, SportFlex, patterned, and holographic Iron-On.

Make your life even easier with an Iron-On Design!

Cricut’s Premium Vinyl is easy to weed and effortless to apply, making it perfect for any project. Since there are 176 Premium Vinyl choices to choose from, the crafting possibilities are endless. 

Cricut vinyl

5. Storage Totes

Cricut’s storage totes give your Cricut machine, EasyPress, and supplies a safe home–and make them easy to travel with. There are totes for your machine, supplies, EasyPress, and even your tools. 

Read more about traveling with your Cricut here: Can I Travel With My Cricut?

Cricut storage totes

6. 12″x12″ Machine Mat Variety Pack

Cricut makes different colored machine mats for a reason–each one has a different adhesive strength and is designed for particular materials.

  • LightGrip: Standard paper, light cardstock
  • StandardGrip: Iron-on, vinyl
  • StrongGrip: Backed fabric, matboard

The 12″x12″ Machine Mat Variety Pack is a must have Cricut accessory because it prepares you for every Cricut project.

7. 12″x24″ StandardGrip Machine Mat

Cut larger designs with the 12″x24″ StandardGrip Machine Mat. I use this for nearly all adult sized t-shirts that I make. Take it from me–this is one Cricut accessory that you will want to have on hand so your project isn’t delayed because your design is larger than 11.5″.

Cricut machine mats

8. Specialty Paper

Make your paper crafts dazzle with Cricut’s specialty papers. My favorite is the Sparkle Paper.

Sparkle Paper

9. Ultimate Fine Point Pen Set

Truly express yourself with the Ultimate Fine Point Pen Set. Make cards, decor, coloring pages, and more with these 30 beautiful colors. 

Cricut pens

10. TrueControl Kit

Use Cricut’s TrueControl Knife for amazing precision and accuracy when working with paper, cardstock, thin plastics, canvas, and more. The TrueControl Kit comes with five replacement blades and a storage cartridge to track and dispose of used blades. 

Make sure to pick up a Self-Healing Mat to use with your TrueControl Knife!

TrueControl Knife set

Cricut provided the products included in this post.


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 must have Cricut accessories


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