bomb brie bowl with raspberry jam and jalapeños

The Bomb Brie Bread Bowl Recipe

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This ooey-gooey delicous Bomb Brie Bread Bowl is perfect as a snack or appetizer, but also works well for a family outing or party.

If your family is anything like mine, we love a good appetizer recipe with loads of ooey-gooey cheese. Then, if you hollow out a bread bowl and fill it with the creamy deliciousness, it elevates the dish to a whole new level! I’ve added some of my favorite ingredients to this easy appetizer that is sure to dazzle your friends and please your palate any time of the day. Check out the Bomb Brie Bread Bowl. 

bomb brie bowl with raspberry jam and jalapeños

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Brie Bread Bowl Recipe

The ingredient list for this dish are pretty simple. You can sub another flavor preserves if you don’t care for raspberry. You can add fresh or jarred jalapeños, or skip that step all together if you don’t like the heat. If you are a vegetarian, you could easily skip the bacon, but here is how we like it. Caution: this appetizer is incredibly delicious but your breath will be anything but fresh.

Cook a few slices of bacon. Remove from pan, drain and cool on paper towels. 

bomb brie bowl ingredients

Buy any round bread boule to make your Bomb Brie Bread Bowl. I’ve used sourdough, rosemary, and herbed. Any kind that you want will be fine. Lay the brie wheel on top of the bread and trace around it with a knife to know the exact size of hole you will need.

bomb brie bowl recipe instructions

Place the bowl on a baking sheet. Carefully, cut a hole inside the bread and lift out. Score the sides of the bread slicing about every inch around the bread wheel. This will allow for it to pull apart easier for serving once it has been baked. Brush the inside and tops of the scored bread bowl, and the top of the bread (that you cut loose), with olive oil. 

making a cheesy bread bowl

Almost Done!

Spoon the raspberry preserves into the hollowed out bread, spreading evenly. Drop in the diced jalapeños. Slice the top off of the brie cheese round.

brie inside a sourdough bread boule

The cheese’s rind is edible, but this allows the creamy cheese to melt slightly and to be honest, I’m not a big fan of eating the rind. Don’t remove it all, it will need the rest to keep its form. Lay the brie wheel on top of the peppers, with sliced side up. 

bread bowl recipes
bread bowl with jalapeños and raspberry jam

Dice bacon. Mince fresh garlic. Toss the bread you removed from the bread bowl into cubes with olive oil, salt, and pepper. Put them on the baking sheet beside the bread bowl to crisp them up, too. 

bomb brie bowl recipe and pictures

Bake the stuffed Bomb Brie Bread Bowl on 400° for 20 minutes. Ten minutes into the baking, remove from oven, lift the bowl’s lid, top the cheese with bacon and garlic, and recover with the bread lid. Continue baking ten more minutes, or until the desired consistency. Make sure the cheese gets melted but that it does not burn. 

creamy bomb brie bread bowl with apples and grapes

 The Bomb Brie Bread Bowl pairs well with sliced apples and seedless grapes. To keep the apples from browning, toss with a splash of lemon or lime juice. Top with fresh diced green onions, if you like. We like to cut into pie shapes and serve on individual plates, but you can pull the bread sections from the bowl with your fingers, as well. 


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Recipe by Peyton Pittman. 

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