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Awesome Things to Do in Volcan Panama

Awesome Things to Do in Volcan Panama

Are you looking for an exciting vacation destination sure to give you a unique and unforgettable experience? Look no further than Volcan Panama, in the Chiriqui District! From its breathtaking natural scenery to its vibrant culture and activities, Volcan has something for everyone. So explore this delightful destination with us as we uncover some awesome things to do in Volcan Panama!


Volcan is 75-90 minutes from Boquete and slightly south of the Continental Divide.

Meet Artist Arte Cruz

Drop by Arte Cruz’s master woodworking shop, where incredible custom craftsmanship pieces have been featured in magazines all around the world. Get up close with artistry like never before as he whips out one of his personalized wooden keychains or glass etchings in under two minutes flat.

Remember your camera, so you can share it with friends upon returning home!


Discover Sitio Barriles

Take a trip to Panama and get ready for an unforgettable adventure! Explore Sitio Barrilles, the famous archaeological site, and museum featuring artifacts from 300-900AD. Ask any local how to find this historical destination – they’ll be sure to point you in the right direction. Those around the world have studied these treasures since the 1940s.


Sitio Barrilles is privately owned by a lovely family that shares their finds in the form of statues, ceramic artifacts, and excavation areas. Many petroglyphs are only visible when water is poured on the surface. It is magical.


Besides the historical relics, the grounds are stunning with impressive flowers and plants, plus you might see a farm animal or two.

Pro Tip: The Sitio Barrilles address is Vía Caizán, Km 6, Barrilles, Panama


Eat a Delicious Local Lunch at Fanny’s

Enjoy a truly unique and delicious dining experience at Fanny’s Terrace Bistro! It features one-of-a-kind dishes with the freshest herbs, fruits, and vegetables. The pasta offerings are mouthwatering, but don’t miss the tasty Greek salad!

If Fanny’s has her world-famous filet mignon stroganoff (served over rice or noodles with tart sliced pickles) on the menu – it will definitely have you dreaming of a return trip.


Buy Local Fruits and Veggies

If markets interest you, check out the local stalls in Volcan for some of Panama’s best produce – like sweet rambutan fruit (similar to lychee) from neighboring Costa Rica. That sweet treat will leave your taste buds begging for more.

Be Intrigued by Wildlife at Raquel’s Ark

Raquel’s Ark, an animal rescue center in Panama, is dedicated to caring for injured and abandoned wildlife. Raquel offers visitors the opportunity to learn about animals up close. 

From sloths with their coarse fur (that reminds me of a coconut) and round eyes, who love nothing more than being held or fed nuts, to howler monkeys whose piercing calls can be heard across long distances – you are sure to experience something special when visiting this sanctuary!


Moreover, though each visit contributes towards Raquel’s mission of providing these creatures a safe home, she pays all costs out of her own pocket. Donations are accepted.


Sip World-Class Coffee at Janson Coffee Farm

Enjoy the stunning mountain views of Volcan Baru Mountain (the country’s highest) and the exquisite flavors of Arabica coffee at Janson Coffee Farm in the Chiriqui Highlands! Take a tour around this historic plantation or relax on their beautiful grounds, nurtured for three generations by the same family. 

Sample one-of-a-kind coffees like the rare Geisha, or try a tea and pastry.


Relax and Unwind at the Hotel Bambito

Spend your night in luxurious tranquility at Hotel Bambito, with its 47 tastefully-appointed rooms and a heated indoor pool. Or, treat yourself to dinner from Las Truchas Restaurant before whisking off into restful slumber at this Alpine-style eco-retreat in Volcan.

An oasis of tranquility awaits you.


Volcan Panama: A Beautiful Destination

Wow! If there is one thing that cannot be argued, it is that Volcan Panama has a wide array of exciting activities to do. No matter what you choose to do in this beautiful part of the country, have your camera ready for its natural beauty and memorable spur-of-the-moment occurrences. Volcan Panama is a paradise of natural beauty, culinary delights, and exciting adventures!

A trip to Volcan will never be forgotten! So what are you waiting for? Have you visited the Republic of Panama yet? Don’t hesitate; an amazing experience awaits you! Pack your bags, get ready, and let the beauty of Panama amaze you!


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Sunday 18th of February 2018

OMG THIS IS GOALS! I can't believe you got to hold a sloth!!!!!! SO AWESOME :)


Wednesday 21st of February 2018

LOL Thanks so much! ;) They are so loving and sweet.

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