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8 Tips For Visiting Charlotte Motor Speedway

8 Tips For Visiting Charlotte Motor Speedway

For speed demons, engine fans, and those who love to feel the rumble of powerful machines, Charlotte Motor Speedway stands as a temple of racing. For over half a century, it has been the Greatest Place to See the Race, hosting events that pulse with the energy of high-speed competition. Here are 8 essential tips for visiting Charlotte Motor Speedway to ensure that your trip revs up excitement from start to finish.


1. Download the Charlotte Motor Speedway App

Modern times call for modern conveniences, and there’s no better way to stay in sync with the Speedway’s action-packed schedule than by downloading its official app. The Charlotte Motor Speedway app provides real-time updates on races and events and offers many functions, including a detailed map of the Speedway, driver appearances, and ticket info. 

For a personalized planning experience, create an account within the app. This initial setup could unlock seamless navigation and insider information.


2. Book Your Speedway Tour

Behind every race day buzz is a rich history, and to fully appreciate Charlotte Motor Speedway’s legacy, you must take a tour. These close-to-hour-long guided expeditions offer an exclusive look at the track’s inner workings, from the garage areas to the fabled Pit Road and the hallowed Winner’s Circle. 

Be sure to book your tour in advance to secure a spot and make it a part of your Charlotte Motor Speedway experience.


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3. Savor the Speedway’s Fare

Races are as much about the food as the roar, and Charlotte Motor Speedway hits all the right notes with its culinary offerings. You’ll find an abundance of traditional race-day fare like BBQ, burgers, turkey legs, hot dogs, and a few exceptional eats, including Dale Earnhardt Junior’s Whiskey River

Skipping a meal is not an option when the Speedway’s concessions serve classic comfort food with a side of racing ambiance. And praise be for the Coca-Cola beverages. 


4. Immerse in Weekend Activities

Race day may be the focal point, but the action at Charlotte Motor Speedway starts well before the green flag drops. Tailgating, high-octane pre-race concerts, events at the Z Max Dragway, and the buzzing Fan Zone are an intrinsic part of the experience.

Mark your calendar for the race and the entire weekend’s lineup. If visiting during the holiday season, catch Speedway Christmas, turning the track into a glittering four-mile wonderland of more than four million LED holiday lights synchronized to festive music.

Photo from Charlotte Motor Speedway website.

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5. Pack Strategically

An often overlooked but beneficial aspect of attending any sporting event is the pack-and-carry policy. Charlotte Motor Speedway allows you to bring in a cooler—a game-changer for refreshments. Pack snacks, sandwiches, and water to keep you fueled and hydrated throughout the day. 

Remember that coolers will be checked, and there are specific size and content restrictions. Coolers must be 14x14x14 or less and soft-sided. Bags or backpacks cannot be bigger than 18x18x14.


6. Early Arrival is Key

Make haste to the Speedway gates to get the most out of your Charlotte Motor Speedway visit. Arriving early not only allows you to beat the traffic and reserve a convenient parking spot but also gives you time to indulge in the festivities, acclimate to the layout, and hit the restroom before the lines form. 

Don’t underestimate the value of this extra time to set the stage for your race day adventure leisurely.


7. Protect Your Hearing

The thrilling symphony of engines at full tilt is exhilarating, but it can also be deafening. To keep the experience a pleasure, pack ear protection. While disposable earplugs are available at the venue, investing in a sturdy pair of noise-canceling headphones provides a more comfortable and sustainable solution.

I like these safety earmuffs because they’re more comfortable, but you can purchase a cheaper pair on the property. 


Need a hotel for all the action? We thoroughly enjoyed staying at the Hyatt Centric Charlotte SouthPark.

8. Access the Action with a Pit Pass

Do you want to feel the pulse of the race from the heart of the action? A Pit Pass is your golden ticket to get up close and personal with the drivers, their teams, and the adrenaline-fueled pre-race festivities. This premium access offers a perspective on the event that few other fans will enjoy. It’s a badge of honor for any motorsports enthusiast.


From unique fan experiences to great food and activities for the whole family, see why Charlotte Motor Speedway is “The Greatest Place To See The Race”!

I was comped NASCAR All-Star Race tickets to write this article. All opinions are 100% unbiased and my own.

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Sandy N Vyjay

Thursday 31st of January 2019

The Charlotte Motor Speedway promises a thrilling experience, no doubt about it. Your tips are really useful for planning a trip there. The best tip is about watching the race from the Pit road, that would be an incredible experience, I am sure. Also getting to see the cars and drivers up close is a different experience altogether.

Taylor Hardy

Thursday 31st of January 2019

It definitely is! Thanks for reading :)

Kelly S

Wednesday 30th of January 2019

Though I've seen a few of the big races on TV like the Daytona 500, I've never been to one myself or even thought of attending one. This post is changing my mind about that if I get the opportunity, especially since you admit to not being a huge NASCAR fan and still having a very enjoyable experience! It's good to know there are other activities going on besides just the race, like tailgating and the tours you mention; I think I would be interested in these things to round out my experience as well.

Taylor Hardy

Thursday 31st of January 2019

NASCAR races are definitely fun whether you're a race fan or not!


Wednesday 30th of January 2019

My husband loves NASCAR races. He's been wanting to take me to one ever since we started dating. I could definitely get behind the food offered at Charlotte Motor Speedway, the options remind me of what you could find at a state fair! I have to agree with a lot of what you said, it's worth it to pay for some of the luxuries like a parking pass and standing on road so that you make sure you have a great and unique time

Taylor Hardy

Wednesday 30th of January 2019

Darah, if you end up going to a NASCAR race let us know how it was. I would love to hear about your experience!

Lola La Paz

Tuesday 29th of January 2019

It is just something totally different to do! There is a lot to do besides the actual race. Must be a thrill to see the cars speed by too. Seems like a great day out.


Sunday 27th of January 2019

There's candied bacon?!!! I'm in. I had no idea that there is so much to do at a NASCAR race, but it sounds like the Charlotte Motor Speedway has it all. I like your suggestion to get a pit pass. It's amazing how fast they get the cars in and out of there. Maybe then I would try the mechanical bull. LOL.


Tuesday 29th of January 2019

Yes, it really is a full day of fun for everyone! Thanks for reading. ;)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.