Ultimate Disney World Guide To Packing For The Parks

The Ultimate Disney World Guide To Packing For The Parks

Disney World trips can be daunting if you are not fully prepared. Here is our ultimate guide to packing for the Disney parks.

After being a Walt Disney World Passholder for five years, I have learned a few tricks when it comes to visiting the parks. It’s easiest to take one backpack full of everything that we might need for the day instead of having to go back to our car or hotel room and grab something.

Here is our ultimate Disney World guide to packing for the parks. Enjoy!

Ultimate Disney World Guide To Packing For The Parks


The first thing on our Disney World guide to packing is a backpack. You want one that is large enough to hold all of your supplies and is comfortable to carry around all day.

Photo ID And Credit Card

If picking up your tickets at will call, the person whose name is on the reservation must present a valid photo ID and the credit card used to purchase the tickets. The confirmation number can also be used to look up the reservation, but it takes much more time.

Handheld Fan

This is the newest addition to our park backpack. We absolutely love it! It really makes all of the difference on a hot summer day.

10/10 recommend bringing this with you to Disney World!

MagicBand Or Disney Admission Card

MagicBands are linked to your room and park tickets. All other tickets, those picked up at will call or purchased at the gate, will be on an Admission Card. Once inside the park, you have the option to purchase a MagicBand for $12.95+ plus tax.

I received a MagicBand with my season pass and I absolutely love it. Since you have to present your ticket upon entry to each park and FastPass, it is much easier to hold up your wrist than it is to dig out a card. 

Note: MagicBands can only be used for they person they were originally issued to because their finger print is linked to it.

Ultimate Disney World Guide To Packing For The Parks MagicBands

Hand Sanitizer

While Disney does a great job of keeping things clean, there are still billions of germs floating around the park. Put this somewhere that is easily accessible; you will be using it all day.


Wipes are a good idea because they can be used for pretty much anything, especially when children are involved.


I always keep tissues on hand!

Poncho or Rain Jacket

Florida is notorious for random rainfall. Just because the weather forecast is clear for the afternoon does not mean that a quick shower will not occur. Most Disney attractions are outside and I do not like spending my day walking around in wet clothes.

Ponchos can also be used on water rides to help keep you from getting soaked (Splash Mountain and Kali River Rapids).

Mobile Charger

Taking pictures and videos all day will drain your phone battery faster than you think. Since Disney World provides free Wi-Fi, posting pictures on social media will do so incredibly quickly, too. There is nothing worse than having a dead battery at Disney before all of the evening fun even begins.

We invested in a portable charger that charges two devices at a time and gives eight hours of battery life. Read about the mobile charger that we use here.


This is pretty obvious. Florida is the Sunshine State for a reason. Even on days when you think it is cloudy, you will still get sun. Please be smart and reapply your sunscreen throughout the day.


Being in the sunshine all day will quickly dry out your lips. Pack a chapstick even if it is just to be on the safe side.

Change of Clothes

If you plan on riding a water ride and not wearing a poncho, consider bringing a change of clothes. A day at Disney is full of walking. Some areas of the park do not get much sun (making drying difficult) plus you are sure to be cold at indoor attractions (they are very much air conditioned).

Light Up Gear

When night falls, Disney Cast Members bring out carts of light up gear to sell. Since these are pretty pricey, I recommend grabbing some glow sticks in advance. Michael’s is my go to store for purchasing them; you can get 12 for $1.


Some people prefer to take pictures on a real camera instead of their iPhone. If this applies to you, do not forget to charge your battery or pack extra loose batteries.


There is no escaping the Florida sun. Do not forget these!

Hat or Visor

During the summer months, it is beneficial to wear a hat/visor to help keep the sun off of your face, as it incredibly strong. Even on days when we apply sunscreen multiple times, we go home with red faces.

Bottled Water

I like to pack a couple bottles of water. Bottles are $3 inside of the parks, which adds up quickly. Even if it is only two bottles of water per person, we save a couple of dollars and have it on demand instead of having to stand in line to buy one.

Tip: Wrap your water bottles in a beach towel so that your other items do not get wet. Plus, you have a beach towel should you need to sit down and wait on a parade or dry off after a water ride.


After walking numerous miles on pavement all day, someone is going to have an ache or two.

Band Aids

Blisters happen. Better safe than sorry.

Autograph Book

While autograph books are sold in the park, it is cheaper to bring your own if you plan on using one. Also pack a big pen as not all characters can hold a normal sized one (Chip, Dale, Pluto, Goofy).

Disney Paraphernalia

Whether this is pins, lanyards, t-shirts, or ears, make sure to pack your paraphernalia.

Tip: Most people in the park wear some kind of Disney attire or accessory.

Ultimate Disney World Guide To Packing For The Parks

Well, there you have it, our Ultimate Disney World Guide To Packing For The Parks. If you have something to add to out Disney World Guide to packing for the parks, let us know. We would love to hear from you.

Have a great time at Disney!


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