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Unique Things to Do in Richmond IN

Unique Things to Do in Richmond IN

Richmond, Indiana, is quickly becoming a must-see destination for travelers across the Midwest! My daughter, Taylor, and I stumbled upon it on our road trip and fell in love with the unique things to do in Richmond, and throughout Wayne County. From shopping through Antique Alley to world-class chocolates and intriguing museums: there was no shortage of things to see & explore during our visit!


Antique Alley

Richmond is famous for antique shopping. You’ll find a treasure trove of them at Antique Alley, the name for the 1200+ dealers between two loop trails. Cambridge City, the hub of the loops, offers an impressive collection of antiques within two-blocks radius..

antique shopping Richmond in
Photo from Visit Richmond, IN.

We even got insight into local Civil Rights history at this one-of-a kind historical site; completely captivating us by what Richmond had to offer.

The first trail runs through historic Old National Road (US40) to New Paris, and the second, Richmond to Arcanum, Ohio. Richmond is continually rated Indiana’s premier antique destination, and open year-round. My favorite was Wheeler’s Antiques in Centerville. 

antique shop finds Old National Road
Photo from Visit Richmond, IN.

Old Richmond Inn

When your shopping and artsy adventures have come full circle, make sure to visit the Old Richmond Inn, where they serve up some classic dishes such as savory Beef Stroganoff and Norwegian Salmon. This restaurant looks like it came right out a historic era.


Gennett Walk of Fame

Experience the storied history of jazz in Richmond, Indiana! Take a walk with Nancy –the tourism director– along Gennett Walk of Fame and be awed by plaques honoring renowned artists like Gene Autry, Tommy Dorsey, Jelly Roll Morton and Louie Armstrong.

These giants made records here from mid-1920s to early 1930s at Starr Piano Company’s business arm -Gennett Records- that produced three million discs annually. Get swept up in this legendary soundscape as you stroll through Whitewater Gorge Park trail, full of fascinating record tributes. Exploring Bennett Walk of Fame is easily one of the unique things to do in Richmond Indiana.


Ghyslain Chocolatier

Treat your taste buds to a French-influenced journey without leaving Wayne County! Ghyslain (pronounced gee-slay) Chocolatier, one of the most celebrated sweet makers in the world, has set up shop on Union City’s outskirts.


No need for flights and visas here – just step inside their storefront and explore all kinds of delectable delicacies from mararons to signature collection candies, like Banana Foster and Hot Chili.

Ghyslain Fall Fine Chocolate
Photo from Ghyslain.

Ghyslain’s coconut rum truffle will have you drooling (trust us!) Whether it’s butterlies or medallions – get ready for some tantalizingly tasty treats!

I’ve been to France and Switzerland (two of the best places in the world for chocolates), and Ghyslain’s are every bit as good and beautiful. Look for these delightful candies in luxury hotels, country clubs, and high-end restaurants around the country.

This is one of the unique things to do in Richmond we certainly weren’t expecting. 

Levi Coffin House

We were truly bowled over by the remarkable Levi and Catharine Coffin State Historic Site in Fountain City. Designated a National Historic Landmark, this home served as an important part of the Underground Railroad, aiding over 2,000 freedom-seekers on their heroic journeys to liberty.

As impressive is that both Coffins bravely broke laws to offer assistance however they could. The accompanying interpretive center brings these incredible stories of courage and resilience powerfully alive–it’s absolutely not one be missed!


Richmond Art Museum

An unexpected treat awaits visitors to Richmond, the majestic and culture-filled Richmond Art Museum located at in the heart of a local high school. From its permanent galleries featuring American artworks from centuries past, to its touring exhibits equally as impressive, it’s clear there is something for everyone here!

Even better – you can get hands on experience and sign up for one of their art classes too!

I could have spent hours admiring the paintings, glassware, and school projects. 


Cordial Cork Wine Bar

Indulge in a pleasing dining experience at Cordial Cork Wine Bar. Immerse your palate in the blend of flavors from Breakin’ Bread, a French baguette with cheese (mozzarella and smoked gouda), garlic, and herbs.

Savor their delicious selection of meats, cheeses and crackers by ordering their signature three-tiered Corky’s Cheese Flight. End on a sweet note with Ullery’s Homemade Ice Cream or Limoncello Mascarpone Cake.

Pro Tip: Come for Sunday brunch, 9 AM – 3 PM.


Madonna on the Trail

Venture down the historic National Road to Richmond, Indiana, and explore its unique claim: Madonna on the Trail. One of only twelve monuments erected by Daughters of the American Revolution which span from Maryland to California, this breathtaking sculpture stands as a tribute to Pioneer Women who made their home in covered wagons back in days gone past.


Warm Glow Candle Company

Just outside town is another remarkable site: Warm Glow Candle Company! Step inside 80,000 square feet packed full with everything imaginable – from homemade candles to housewares that add character & charm like no other place can provide. Don’t miss devouring delicious treats at an onsite cafe and candy shop.

Warm Glow Candle has the capacity to pump out 15,000 fresh-made lumpy & bumpy candles per day (it’s true!).


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