Validate Your Love With A Psychic Reading

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This article was written in collaboration with California Psychics to share my insight and honest opinions.


I was 53 years old when I had my first psychic reading. Or at least by phone. Being a long-time lover of having a reading, tarot cards, tea leaves, and much more, I finally ventured into the modern world and tried a reading via phone call with California Psychics.

My advisor, Rika, was selected because I felt drawn to her picture, skills, and smile. We immediately had a connection, so I knew I was in good hands for the next 20 minutes. For those of you who have tossed around the idea of phoning a psychic advisor, know that with California Psychics, you can narrow your search by user reviews, number of readings, tools they use, style of content delivery, special skills, and more. I found this very helpful in making my selection.


Love Analysis

Rika dove right in to my love life, which was the reason for my call, namely because it’s almost Valentine’s Day and after 30 years together, my husband and I are on a much different path than in the past. Six months ago, we sold our Florida home and bought an RV to see America. Living in such close proximity has been a positive for us, but I still wanted validation and to see if we were on the right path, no pun intended. Hence the reason for my call to California Psychics. And they also offer online psychic readings, too, which I was surprised to learn.

My premier psychic advisor saw us as an old-fashioned love, and could see us together back in the 80s or 90s, classic white wedding, and so forth.


While Rika saw us on the same page, waking up with the freedom to do whatever we want in life, and taking every day as a gift and adventure, she also saw strength. She stressed that while we (Eddie) and I have different personalities and love languages, when we worked together, we were as good as it gets. She encouraged us to play this to our strengths and possibly write a book, which she saw me doing and maybe our life, not necessarily lifestyle, becoming something of great importance. Meanwhile, I am currently co-authoring “100 Things to Do in West Virginia Before You Die” with one of my best friends, so I was elated at the coincidence here.

“This is our time, baby”, is how she saw Eddie’s part in this RV adventure.

Our Future

Rika mentioned that Eddie just goes with the flow, and is happy moving at my speed, not pigeon-holing me into anything. I, on the other hand, am much more a ball of nervous energy and require a lot more attention. This is not the first reference I’ve had to being a huge tree with many branches, all outstretched and trying to love, nurture, and care for anyone in my path. I was born with that compassionate personality, always wanting to help someone or make them feel good about themselves.


However, that much juggling emotions can take a toll on your energy level, and she suggested that I need more from him in the sense of “I want to know you love me”. More feeling, more touch, verification of love, more knowing I was the “star of his show”. I concurred.

I loved when she talked about our potential, our potential together, as one unit, working not only as husband and wife, but friends, travelers, grandparents, parents, seekers, and explorers. I’ve never felt as close to him as I have since we began this endeavor in July, and it was nice having someone reiterate that yes, we are on the right path, and have the same goal in mind. I think that has become apparent in our relationship on the outside, too.


So Easy To Call

As soon as introductions were made between me and my psychic advisor, she giggled and told me she immediately sensed my animal energy. True, I am a lover of animals, but didn’t realize that could be read through a phone call. She said a name and mentioned a cat, which was very close to our previous cat’s name.


Harlow was our rescued pound cat that we had for 12 years. We lost her only two weeks before we moved into the RV. Rika also saw her in a Christmas tree, which was truly the best possible way for us to immediately bond. Harlow loved when we decorated for Christmas and spent a good part of every day beneath the Christmas tree, or even in the box as we were assembling it. That made my heart happy to think about her.

Rika did an amazing job—I felt happy to have spoken to someone about the full potential of my long-term relationship and future. By the way, in case you were wondering, I let her lead the conversation, but you can ask straightforward questions, too. California Psychics is there to help you live your inspired best life.


Overall, I was 100% pleased with my psychic review and look forward to doing it again. California Psychics is one of the leading brands for online psychic readings and reviews. You can get a $10 credit added to your first purchase with code melody10. Sign up at or download the app.


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of California Psychics.

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