My Visit to the Black Forest of Germany

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On my visit to the Black Forest of Germany, I watched cuckoo clock demos, learned to make Black Forest Cake, and tried on Tracht.

During my Viking Rhine River cruise, one of the cruise ports was to visit the Black Forest in Germany. This was the selling point and #1 destination for many of the guests onboard our boat. The passengers boarded our private motorcoach to drive to the Baden-Wüttemberg region, where an enchanted wood forest with a fairy tale setting awaited our arrival.  

The drive was long and windy, plus it rained most of the day as we made our way to the Black Forest of Germany. Driving through charming valleys and villages that appear to be right out of a Grimms’ Brothers’ fairytale broke the monotony. The renowned landscapes are complete with rolling meadows and dense forests. There, various parts of the forest were more the color of black than typical shades of green.

My tour guide in the traditional tract, the national costume in Germany-speaking countries.

Arrival and Artisans

We arrived at Hofgut Sternen, had many souvenir shops to choose from and woodcarving and glass-blowing demonstrations. Artisans were making ornate cuckoo clocks, and in one of the restaurants, we were treated to a cooking demonstration and a sampling of traditional Black Forest cake. It was so yummy!

Other offerings at the restaurant included local favorites such as Bauernbratwurst, Brägele (specialty potatoes), and Bibbileskäse (curd with chives and onion).


The air smelled of pine, and the terrain was a middle shade of black. The Black Forest was a visual appetizer for the senses. The entire landscape was clustered with trees: beech, oak, spruce, and pine. The name “Black Forest” actually describes the dark pine and fir trees that cover the mountainous region in Germany. Many fairy tales originated here in Germany’s Black Forest.


Special Moments in The Black Forest

Our tour guides were decked out in Bollenhut, the hat with bright red pompoms, which is the Black Forest’s traditional headwear. Women in Gutach, Horberg-Reichenbach, and Wolfach-Kirnbach wear this traditional hat on special occasions. Once she is married, the pompoms worn are black in color rather than red.


Our group enjoyed a fun day exploring the beautiful scenery and impressive handicrafts, but it was back to the boat soon.

My favorite memory of the Black Forest was the giant cuckoo clock at the entrance with its hand-painted characters performing on the hour to the whimsical musical.

Tip: A Black Forest cuckoo clock is the perfect gift to take home from this region.


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