West Palm Beach Food Tour: Fun For All Ages

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The Downtown West Palm Beach Food Tour is a fun way to taste the local culinary scene & explore the artsy town with six yummy stops.

West Palm Beach has an offering that is bound to please everyone in the family: a walking food tour. This is a great way to learn about the city’s culture and flavor. I have taken part in the trend of food tours through the country, and I am happy to say that the Downtown West Palm Beach Food Tour is right up there with the best of them. My experience was grand!

Impressive mural in West Palm Beach.

Meet Up At The Blind Monk

All of the food tour participants met at The Blind Monk, a trendy and popular eatery in WPB. Kristi, the owner and operator of West Palm Beach Food Tours, made introductions and gave us a rundown of what to expect. We then began the eating extravaganza at the Blind Monk’s outdoor tables. We started with home-baked Crostinis and crushed tomatoes, sprinkled with sea salt. Next, came the picture-perfect Ahi tuna crisps with avocado, red onion, and mango. We chased our appetizers with a Prosecco mojito cocktail. I liked the relaxed vibe of The Blind Monk and their spot on appetizers. 


Fun and Funky Hullabaloo

Hullabaloo is an exciting restaurant with a chic feel and fresh decor. It has a cozy patio and courtyard in the back littered with tables and seating arrangements. This Italian gastropub even has a retro Airstream camper for a real throw-back dining experience. Hullabaloo’s mural painted walls went well with the decor. This is where we sampled my favorite dish of the day: Fire-roasted Brussels with candied pine nuts a bacon aioli — freaking genius! I will be revisiting this restaurant.

Patrons come from near and far to attend the West Palm Beach food tour.
My favorite spot on the West Palm Beach Food Tour included these tasty brussel sprouts.

WPB’s Favorite Pizza

Pizza Girls is a famous celebrity stop on the edge of Green Park. Their trendy New York-style pizzas consist of fresh ingredients and combinations that make your taste buds scream with delight. We grabbed a spot in the park to sit while Kristi collected our pizzas. My favorite was Pizza Girls’ Manhattan pie, which they described as “if Lasagna and Pizza had a baby.” Truly decadent. My next trip there will include an Italian Ice and the Pizza Dog, items I was drooling over after popping my head inside of the restaurant.

Yummy pizza choices from Pizza Girls in West Palm Beach, Florida.

WPB Weekend Green Market

Since the Ganache Bakery Cafe moves to the Green Market on the weekends, our West Palm Beach Food Tour took us there instead of to their usual shop. We learned how to open a coconut and drink the sweet rewards as well as the origin of Key Lime Pie, a Florida staple. West Palm Beach is oversaturated with coconuts, so partaking in something that uses ingredients readily available sat particularly well with me. We also got to sample a Ganache Bakery Cafe mini-key lime tart (sheer perfection) and were introduced to the tamarind juice.

Street art in West Palm Beach, Florida.
Key Lime tarts on the West Palm Beach food tour.

West Palm Beach Food Tours: A Fun and Delicious Offering

The one mile walk through West Palm Beach’s scenic and busy streets not only gave us a chance to stretch our legs in between food stops, but also the opportunity to see fantastic street art. I highly recommend a West Palm Beach Food Tour to anyone who wants a culinary sampling of this delicious town or is looking to dive into the culture of WPB.

Kristi did a fantastic job sharing West Palm Beach’s history and food with us on this Downtown Food Tour, consisting of locals, tourists, sisters, solo travelers, and a mother/daughter pair. We were sent away with our bellies full and memories of a fun day.

west palm beach food tour group

Thanks to the West Palm Beach Food Tours for hosting me on this delicious discovery of fine foods in WPB. As always, my opinions are 100% my own and unbiased.

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The West Palm Beach food tour is great fun for all ages.


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