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Discover the Charms of the Big Kansas Road Trip – An Unforgettable Journey

Discover the Charms of the Big Kansas Road Trip – An Unforgettable Journey

Welcome, fellow wanderlust-seekers and adventure lovers! There’s a hidden gem that calls to those yearning to explore America’s heartland, and it’s known as the Big Kansas Road Trip (BKRT).

Imagine a voyage where every turn reveals new surprises, from the gift of serene sunsets to the whispers of history etched in quaint small towns. This is the essence of Kansas, and I am ecstatic to share my personal odyssey across this beautiful expanse.


A Journey Unfolds Across Northernmost Kansas

In the springtime air, from May 2nd to 5th, 2019, my travel compass pointed towards Wallace, Sherman, and Cheyenne counties—the northern treasures of Kansas. Conceived by the brilliant minds of Marci Penner and WenDee Rowe, the BKRT was a kindred spirit event for those of us in the Kansas Explorer’s Club.

It was an invitation to go along at our own pace, celebrating smaller, more rural destinations that sparkle with unseen splendor.


With my friend Sara Broers (Travel with Sara) as my sidekick, Goodland, Kansas, provided a charming home base for our four-day escapade through each unique county. With hearts full of anticipation and a Cinco De Mayo festivity that tingled our taste buds, the tales of our adventures unfurled like the petals of a sunflower greeting the dawn.


A Tapestry of Treasures in Sherman, Wallace, and Cheyenne

Day 1 in Sherman Co.: A Melody of Memories

Sherman County greeted us with Hawaiian shaved ice, hinting at tropical breezes and casting a sweet welcome spell. Here’s what our day looked like:

  • The Flavor of Local: From mouthwatering steaks at Crazy R’s Bar and Grill to the perfect Cobb salad from The Bricks by Meg, our pallets danced with local cuisine.
  • Nurturing Curiosity: Knowledge bloomed as we perused the local library, and historic tales came to life at the Sherman Theatre.
  • Local Crafts and Grand Naturals: The Van Gogh giant sunflower snapshot was a must, and a visit to Matt Murray’s “Murray’s Kustoms” showcased awe-inspiring cars.
  • The Pulse of Community: Engaging in a blogger/tourism board session at the Goodland Carnegie Arts Center, we felt the heartbeat of this community.
  • Sundown Wonders: The sunset’s canvas in America couldn’t escape our cameras, nor could the vintage allure of the cruise-in car event.

Day 2 in Wallace Co.: The Echo of Big Kansas Road Trip Adventure

Ready for more, Wallace County called to us with open arms. Our experience was nothing short of delightful:

  • Gastronomic Joy: Erin’s Fresh Food Truck’s stuffed sopapillas were a revelation, and her Town’s End Tavern in Sharon Springs beckoned us with its charm.
  • Intellectual Pursuits: The trivia game with Marci & WenDee tested our wits, and the Fort Wallace Museum, teeming with costumed interpreters, finessed our historical hunger.
  • Natural Highs: At Mt. Sunflower, the golf ball soared, and we humbly accepted our certificates, almost touching the sky.
  • Antiquity and Slumber: From antique tractor sightings to sweet dreams in a bed and breakfast that once echoed with hymns, Wallace County was a narrative worth telling.

Day 3 in Cheyenne Co.: Of Landscapes and Legacies

Cheyenne County awaited—with coffee aromas from Fresh Seven and the DXD Museum’s brilliance paving the start of our exploration:

  • Geological Wonders: The Arikaree Breaks’ majestic formations stood timeless, as did the tri-state marker of Three Corners.
  • Cultural Imprints: At St. Francis Motorcycle Museum, steel steeds of the past roared to silent life, while the Jolly Green Giant display evoked childhood nostalgia.
  • Honoring Heroes: We respectfully visited the military monument at Cheyenne Valley Cemetery, a solemn reminder of bravery and sacrifice.
  • Notable Stories: Horse Thief Cave’s secrets whispered history’s untold stories embedded in its very walls.

The Ethereal Highlight: A Serenade for the Buffalo

In an untouched corner of Homestead Ranch, we transcended a time when we were graced with the presence of co-owner Ken’s herds during calving season. The buffalo regarded us as curiously as we did them, creating a unique bond under the expansive Kansas sky.

And amidst this natural theatre, a serenade of “Home on the Range” sung by the 20+ of us road-trippers filled the air, enveloping us all in a shared blanket of pure harmony and connection. The calves loved every minute of it, and Ken was sure he might have to do it nightly.


The Conclusion of a Remarkable Adventure

From the thrills of sharing stories with locals over Bingo at the Elks Lodge, to the simple joys of indulging in delicious steak under the stars at Riverside’s Caddy Shack, each county imprinted memories upon my heart.

Each step I took through the rural expanses of Kansas was a stride toward understanding the intricate tapestry of this striking state. I’m so in love with the Sunflower State and want you to be, too.


To those who’ve never ventured into the Midwest, to those whose hearts beat to the rhythm of the open road—set your sights on the Big Kansas Road Trip. Join the 2024 adventures in Ellsworth and Lincoln Counties, plus the fun and funky town of Lucas, Kansas, May 2-5th. Your story awaits.

See you on the road!


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What is the Big Kansas Road Trip? – TravelMediaShowcase

Monday 15th of July 2019

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Alice L. Ford

Thursday 20th of June 2019

I'm not sure I have ever been to Kansas other than driving through on a cross country trip. I think I would have also enjoyed the cattle drive day the most. All those long horns sure are cute. Looks like the food was great as well.

The Holidaymaker

Thursday 20th of June 2019

I love that you brought your friend along! It must have been such a fun experience. The ranch sounds like a blast, and the fact that the owner took you out to see all those buffalo is amazing!


Thursday 20th of June 2019

You had me at caravan and road trip! It is always fun on the road and a dash of adventure and it becomes the best trips! Those grassland with cows grazing looks so cool and there is so much to do in Kansas is great.

Mohana and Aninda

Wednesday 19th of June 2019

Love the meadows and open grasslands of the midwest! It's an interesting and offbeat road trip...Kansas is usually not the first choice for most travellers. The small towns along the route look welcoming and the food looks great too!


Wednesday 19th of June 2019

I love discovering these small towns that are just bursting with beauty and a heavy dose of Americana. ;)

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