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Meet Melody and Eddie

Greetings! I’m Melody, originally from Charleston, WV, but a Vero Beach resident for a decade.My husband (Eddie) of 30 years and I have been homeowners since the ripe age of 23. Now, at 52, I can’t believe we have taken advantage of the housing market and sold our Vero Beach home to have an 18-24 month extended vacation around the United States.

For this road trip, where we will be exploring a different state each month and we have purchased a 5th wheel and huge RAM truck (dually) to create a still luxurious home-away-from-home in our endeavors.

As we travel from city to city, eating the food, seeing the sights, learning the history, Eddie and I will share our adventures of our new journey, Wherever I May ROLL, an extension of my Wherever I May Roam Blog that I co-own with our daughter, Taylor. We also hope you will subscribe to our YouTube channel and watch us in action.

Oh, and by the way, we are elementary level campers, as in this is our first time. We even have to watch YouTube a video to see how to connect our new RAM 3500 with our RV that we had delivered upon purchase. Here’s hoping for a grand time and safe travels as we live your dream, or at least many of the people we meet who have this very idea envisioned in their retirement years.

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  • Arizona
  • New Mexico

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