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The Best Restaurants In Oxford, Mississippi

The Best Restaurants In Oxford, Mississippi

Oxford is a beautiful small town in North Mississippi. Home to the University of Mississippi (most commonly referred to as Ole Miss), Oxford has a rich history, unique shopping, and fantastic local eats. 

I had the pleasure of living in Oxford for four years while attending Ole Miss. Although the town is full of great restaurants, here is our list of the best restaurants in Oxford, Mississippi. 

Oxford, Mississippi courthouse

South Depot Taco Shop

The South Depot Taco Shop is my favorite restaurant in Oxford. Here, you create your own taco, quesadilla, burrito, nachos, burrito bowl, or salad from a mix of fresh ingredients. The homemade chips, queso, and guacamole cannot be passed up. South Depot also serves great margaritas and offers several drink specials throughout the week.

One of the best restaurants in Oxford, Mississippi is the South Depot Taco Shop.

Oxford Grillehouse

Oxford Grillehouse is a classic Southern steakhouse. The steak menu and topping offerings are plentiful as well as delicious. Be sure to order the Boom Boom Shrimp as an appetizer–they’re my favorite! Oxford Grillehouse serves brunch on home Ole Miss football weekends.

Oxford Grillehouse is one of the best restaurants in Oxford, Mississippi.

Soulshine Pizza Factory

The most popular spot for pizza in Oxford is hands down Soulshine Pizza Factory. The menu consists of an endless variety of pizzas and calzones, po’boys, traditional Southern food, and a wide assortment of locally brewed beers. Soulshine is a very casual restaurant with a super laid-back atmosphere.

Need more to see and do in Oxford or other adorable small towns in Mississippi? Our Traveling Mom article can help you plan a fantastic trip.

Old Venice Pizza Company

Old Venice Pizza Company serves eclectic Italian with a touch of Southern creole dishes–much more than just great pizza as the name would suggest. The welcoming atmosphere is great for a casual lunch or a more intimate dinner. Plus, the complimentary bread and oil mixture is worth the visit to Old Venice alone.

Note: Old Venice is now Venice Kitchen.

Big Bad Breakfast

Big Bad Breakfast is not your average breakfast joint nor is it just for breakfast. Start your day with BBB’s house-cured Tabasco/Brown Sugar Bacon, crispy southern fried chicken, or Original Grit Girl grits. This is one of the best restaurants in Oxford, Mississippi for a reason!

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Volta Taverna

If you are looking for Greek/Mediterranean food, head to Volta Taverna. This small restaurant is always busy and serves some of the best margaritas in town. Start your meal at Volta with the Dip Plate (Hummus and pimento dips served with pita). 

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One of the most popular restaurants on the Oxford Square is Bouré, an up-scale down-home restaurant that is perfect for families or date night. In addition to the Southern style menu, Bouré has an upstairs bar and patio that is ALWAYS packed, serves handcrafted beverages, and offers a great view of the Oxford Square. Order the Buttermilk Fried Onion Rings as an appetizer.

One of Taylor's top restaurants in Oxford, Mississippi to try is Boure.

Ajax Diner

Winning Mississippi Magazine’s “Best Downhome Soul Food”, “Best Cornbread”, and “Best Plate Lunch”, it’s no surprise that Ajax Diner makes our list of best restaurants in Oxford, Mississippi. While Ajax’s menu has a lot to offer, we come for the Veggies. Mac & Cheese, Broccoli Rice Casserole, Butter Beans, Turnip Greens, Cheese Grits, Fried Eggplant, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Sweet Potato Casserole, Red Beans & Rice, Coleslaw, Squash Casserole–Ajax has them all!

Enjoy Oxford’s Food Scene

Oxford is full of great restaurants–and new ones pop up all of the time.

While this is my list of best restaurants in Oxford, Mississippi, we would love to hear what yours are!


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Julia McCoy

Saturday 3rd of September 2016

If you have the money, they are worth the food, but you can get good food off the Square as well and not as expensive. My favorite is the hamburger place across from Baptist Memorial Hospital - North Mississippi. I don't remember the name, but they hamburgers are good, and their shrimp Po Boys are pretty good too.

Then, there is that place in Taylor (about 10 miles south of Oxford) that never really had a name that I know of. They started by fixing up catfish in the back of a small store and, since then, have been written up in several magazines, as well as featured on at least one travel cooking show.

Water Valley, where I have lived for the last 20+ years, (about another 10 miles south) is getting some good food in town too. It used to be we couldn't keep a good restaurant open. I am glad that problem has been resolved. The Pizza Den and the Mexican restaurant (there is only one) are my favorites, good and affordable. BTC is not bad either. You can't miss any of them. They are all on the main road going through this small town of 4000+.

You can always tell the natives. They are the ones who don't know the names of the restaurants, but they can sure tell you how to get there.


Saturday 3rd of September 2016

Great response! We will have to give those a try on our next visit! Thanks so much for all the recommendations.


Sunday 29th of November 2015

The build-your-own-taco place sounds great, but Gouda Bacon Macaroni Balls?!?! I think that would probably be my new favorite food! I visited Georgia earlier this year and loved getting a taste of good Southern food for the first time.


Monday 30th of November 2015

They have some unique foods for sure. Southern food is so wonderful on so many levels, mainly "comfort". I hope you enjoyed your visit! Atlanta?

Joe Ankenbauer

Sunday 29th of November 2015

That boom boom shrimp has my mouth watering like crazy!

Mel @ Footsteps on the Globe

Sunday 29th of November 2015

Oh my gosh, you can't go wrong with tacos and pizza anywhere in the world but it's always good to know the best places to go wherever you are travelling to. I've never actually heard of Oxford, Mississippi, just Oxford, England I'll have to check it out :)


Sunday 29th of November 2015

I have such a weakness for southern food after my visit to South Carolina last month. Drooling over the foodporn in your post!


Monday 30th of November 2015

Haha. Thanks! Lots of good eats in South Carolina.

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