Letting Go and Setting Boundaries with California Psychics

I am embracing the ritual of letting go of the past and setting boundaries with some help from California Psychics.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of California Psychics.

As someone with a crazy busy lifestyle and always adding new things to the mix, it is essential for my health, mind, body, relationships, and well-being to let go of things that are no longer useful in my life. It is also imperative to set boundaries for personal time. That’s a hard thing to do for most of us. We are juggling so many balls, wearing so many hats, and keeping so many irons in the fire, that we forget to take care of ourselves. Being on a new path in life as a full-time RVer, and embarking on a new career focus with writing a book that will include a book tour, interviews, TV segments, and more, I’m taking action. I am embracing the ritual of letting go of the past and setting boundaries with some help from my friends at California Psychics.

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Out With the Old

My job for seven years has been to travel and gather content, take pretty pictures, share said trip on social media channels, then write about it for my blog. Then came a second blog. And then an annual travel conference. Next was writing for other print and online publications and then being hired to do influencer campaigns, which led to more travel and juggling the hats. And the list goes on and on.

Nine months ago, my husband and I sold our Florida homes and became full-time RVers. While life is much less hectic in the RV world, it still involves towing the RV for hours, setting up, and breaking down, which equates to many hours. I’m now seeing more amazing things about the country but have less time to focus on sharing its content.

But I have a book deal due in October, so my focus needs to change more toward writing my book and making it the best I can while whittling down the amount of work I put into other tasks. I also need to find more time to do things non-work-related, more date nights with my hubby, time spent with friends and our kids, and somewhere, somehow, time to exercise.


In With the New

I chose to talk to Psychic Angel because I was drawn to her picture and found her skill set helpful, and the tagline “tunes in immediately to what you need.” No need to waste time; let’s get right to it. Angel’s voice and personality matched her picture, and I liked talking to her very much.

In the first part of the call, Angel wanted to discuss someone close to me who was dealing with anxiety. We chatted for a few minutes about that and then on to my career. I explained, in short, some of the dilemmas I was facing. I told Angel how I felt pulled in many directions over trying to juggle everything on my plate. She kept getting “YouTube” repeatedly for the entire duration of our conversation.


As it turns out, I need to make the switch to video. I’ve been told this for years, and I’ve dabbled in making them. For someone like myself, who is very confident and unafraid of public speaking and being in the public eye, there was just some issue about making YouTube videos that have stifled me from it. Angel explained that YouTube could be a massive merchandise platform for promoting my new book, “100 Things to Do in West Virginia Before You Die,” and for my travels no matter what reason I took them. She gave me some pointers on letting go of some of the stress and setting boundaries that are hard lines not to cross.


The Magic Moment

I was typing down her answers as fast as she was talking. We had a 20-minute conversation and touched on a few things, such as recent dreams I’d had, my daughter’s new endeavor, and finding private time just to be alone with my thoughts and get focused, which is often hard to do in RV life.


After my phone call, I reiterated my call with the psychic advisor to my husband, and I had to pause because I had an epiphany. When talking about the YouTube issue and her thoughts on it, plus how many times the words and channel popped into her head during our phone conversation, I realized how I could do this to alleviate stress on myself.

It would still be relatable to my audience, allow me to grow an audience, and not lose my mind in the attempt to start something new.

I seriously felt like dancing around because the super simple answer because clear as a bell to me at once. I could hardly control my enthusiasm as I shared this info and plan with our daughter, my business partner.


California Psychics has once again hit a home run for me. I’ve had another worthwhile call with a friendly, compassionate, but straight-shooting psychic advisor who has helped me find the answer, though she didn’t spell it out for me. I appreciate that even more—that she may have planted the seed, and then I was able to see the trees through the forest to make the final decision for myself. And all of this in the comfort of my recliner.

The Ease of the Platform

You can call or chat online with a California Psychics advisor at any time, day or night. You can choose one based on the reading they give, the tools they use (or none), the advice you are hoping to gain, and see how many calls they have fielded in their career, plus read reviews. I love how easy it is to jump right into a call with a California Psychics advisor and the wide range of fees that can fit into any budget. 

California Psychics even offers free things on the website, such as daily, weekly, and yearly horoscopes and zodiac sign compatibility.

If you are new to chatting with a psychic advisor, the website has answers to many of your questions. It is really well-done and easy for a newbie to take part in. Here’s to you letting go of the past and setting boundaries to be the best you and have the brightest future.

I encourage you to check out California Psychics yourself online or download the app and use code melody10 to get $10 added to your account when you purchase your first reading. 

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of California Psychics. 

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